If you have a couple minutes, watch this & post your thoughts/opinions here. It’s a video about a local congregation that’s doing things a bit differently.

I’ll share my thoughts/opinions later, but I’m interested in hearing some of your initial reactions first (and remember to be nice :)).

What parts of the video stood out to you?


Did it concern you at all? If so, how?

Any other thoughts?


3 responses to “Thoughts?

  1. They’ve recognized the consumerism issue in Christianity but all they are doing is offering another option to buy. They essentially are what they are saying they hate.

    It’s kind of like the kid that takes a community ed art class and then thinks their world has changed and they begin looking down on everyone else even though they’re just as stupid as the next person, they’re just buying into a different facade.

    From the sounds of it they literally want us to become goo backs (if you’ve ever seen that episode of South Park)

    Also, they’re music is utter shite… for being a diverse artistic community they should really find some decent musicians (that was probably going a little to far, but come on… it’s bad)

    and was that Luke Hilstead?

  2. Their methodology intrigues me. I like the idea of being able to respond directly to what a pastor is saying to me. Obviously there are limits on that (orderly worship) but it’s an interesting concept and something that I’m not wholesale against.

    The problem here is the METHODology overshadowing the THEOlogy. Of course the Porch people would tell us that our “theology is our methodology.” That’s a nice platitude but it makes very little intellectual sense. Without a solid grasp of what the Gospel is, a high view of Scripture and what the nature of sin and atonement are all the candles and BodyPrayer™ and acts of community service don’t add up to much.

    Like Ben pointed out groups like this love to tell us “not to put God in a box”, “God is not a Republican”, etc. but then they do essentially the same thing by flat out telling me that if Jesus were here he’d be a liberal, anti-globalization, eco-warrior.

  3. I’m confused.

    Out of one side of the collective mouth comes “there is no absolute Theology here, there are no set-in-stone ideas that one must agree to.”

    Out of the other side, priorities that demand clear definition in order to be meaningful at all: Justice (What constitutes justice? By what measure can one’s behavior be understood to be just?), Peace (Whose peace, at what price, by what means?), Modeling the Christ Narrative (What’s in the narrative? Is there reliable information about what He actually did and said? Or do I get to pick and choose—or even create in my imagination what He might have done and model that?).

    While denying foundations (that’s what “set in stone” means) clearly they have some and some of them are legitimate to be sure. Saying there are none gets me out of any obligation to defend mine or seriously consider yours, but it’s not quite honest.

    Was it Carl Henry who said (inexact quote) “There are two kinds of foundationalists, those who admit it and those who don’t”?

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