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You may (or may not) have heard the news already…but yes, Mark & I are happy to announce that we are expecting the arrival of a new little Wally baby (or, as Raven would have put it in the previous Cosby show clip I posted: “I have gas!” :))! Estimated arrival time is September 21.  It’s been just over a month since we found out, and the reality is still sinking in (although the nausea and fatigue have certainly been steady reminders of the “reality” of it all :). Oh yes, and my sometimes RAVENOUS appetite. You know all those things you’ve heard about pregnancy and cravings? They’re true. I’ve eaten some interesting things…a whole carton of blackberries, waffles w/ strawberries & whipped cream at 11 pm, 2 platefuls of breakfast at a hotel buffet…anyway, that’s another post).

So far pregnancy is truly  proving to be an experience unlike any other! I am struck by the miraculous way that God “knits us together in our mother’s womb”. The development of a human being in it’s earliest stages is nothing short of amazing! Each day brings new growth and development in this child that could ONLY be credited to the hand of a powerful and creative God! If you are in need of fresh encouragement and a reminder of the reality and creativity of God, take some time to study the development of unborn life. SO cool, and definitely something that didn’t really hit me until I realized that it was happening inside of ME!

Anyway, things are definitely starting to feel more real now as we are beginning to accumulate some baby stuff. We got a couple little Christmas PJ’s from Old Navy along with a teddy bear, and my parents gave us the sweetest & cuddliest little stuffed Valentine giraffe for the baby. Yesterday Mark’s mom surprised us with a few fun little baby outfits she found on clearance at her store, including the softest baby wintersuit you ever did see (it’s a froggy, complete with a froggy face on the hood! Aww!), and tonight his brother & sister-in-law were in town and brought us some of their baby stuff – a bouncy seat, car seat, front carrier, etc.. As I was holding the baby wintersuit last night (it’s so soft it’s just fun to hold…in fact, I’d like one in MY size please… :)), I said to Mark “Just think, in just a few months there will be a BABY inside of this suit!” — to which we both freaked out a little, I think. 🙂 Yes sirree, I have the feeling we’re in for an interesting and exciting adventure that will test and strengthen our faith and reliance on God in a brand new way! Here we go…!


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  1. So fun to read the “official” announcement and be excited all over again for you guys!!!


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