Monthly Archives: March 2007

TV Quote of the Week

“The thing that I wanted to remind her of was pronunciation. Because there are so many words, you must ‘pronunciate’ everything. … You’ve got to ‘pronunciate, you’ve got to project,” Diana Ross told “American Idol” contestant Gina Glocksen on Tuesday.


Good Times

Well, it’s now official – I am 28. Thanks to all who have helped/will help me celebrate – this week has been so special & it’s only halfway over – I still have another b-day breakfast & dinner to go! Seriously – thank you. It has been so much fun and much needed. 🙂

In other news, baby just keeps on growing – my tummy’s starting to bulge!  My mom & sisters could even tell today (it’s not just me noticing anymore)!

Is it just me or is something off here…?

The following phrase is taken from the website of a local congregation advertising this past fall’s small group season:

“We are using Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller to guide our conversations about Jesus this season. “

Maybe this is nit-picky, but I can think of a different book that would be an infinitely better guide to conversing about Jesus than any other book around…

Update: We heard the heartbeat!

It is now official! Well, I guess it’s always been “official”…but it definitely feels much more like a reality now that we’ve heard conclusive evidence that there is indeed a person in there! And, for anyone who cares about how fast the heart beat, it was at 150, which according to my mom means that it’s a boy. Only time will tell, my friends…

This is so much fun!