Long Time No Blog

Well, it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything here! Life has been good. The pregnancy has been going very well. We had our “post-ultrasound” appointment last week, and everything is looking good, which we are so grateful for! We are 23 weeks today! Beeper continues to make his presence known. What a miracle it is to have this baby growing inside of me! It is, in a sense, rather freakish and “alieny”, as some have put it 🙂 — but in a greater sense I am very aware and in awe of the miracle that it is. It can be uncomfortable and “inconvenient” at times, but I know that not too far down the road I will be longing for the days when my baby boy was growing inside of me. This is the closest we will ever be, so I’m trying to treasure it. 🙂

Life is good outside of that, as well. Mark is looking forward to finishing out another schoolyear. As for me, this coming week will mark a “life change”, as Wednesday will be my last day at the bookstore – after 7.5 years there! Truly a bittersweet thing. Over the past few months, several different factors (the pregnancy being the over-arching one) have caused working there to be increasingly challenging and somewhat stressful. While I have made many friends and adore so many of the people working there, it just seemed that it was “time” to move on. So it will be an interesting week.

Anyway, I’ve got a few other blog topics that are “perculating” right now, so this may not be my only post of the evening (or maybe it will be :)). We shall see…


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