Good Music, part 1

I’ve been listening to some good music lately, and thought I’d blog a bit about it. There are 3 CDs in particular that I’ve been appreciating lately…here’s the first one:

When I was in early high school, there was a little Christian cassette tape library in the youth room at my church. One of the first tapes I borrowed from it was Susan Ashton’s self-titled album…and I was mesmerized. I thought she had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard – so clear, pure and expressive. The songs were both memorable and singable (though I never really liked singing along with it – I knew my voice was no match against hers!). It’s also very country-ish, which I secretly liked. I kept that tape for a long time before reluctantly returning it to the library. 🙂 Since then, I’ve managed to collect the rest of her CDs over the years, but that one always remained my favorite — since it’s not exactly easy to come by anymore, though, I never managed to get it. Well, recently I finally got ahold of the CD, and have had it playing in my car. Sure enough, I’m still mesmerized. 🙂 It’s a great album. It has a certain “timeless” quality to it, and her vocals combined with the lyrics (penned by Wayne Kirkpatrick…a veteran producer in the Christian industry and, in my opinion, a genius lyricist) make for some incredible songs. Kirkpatrick has a way of writing songs that are both poetic and didactic — full of good theology that is easy to interpret, but not in a cheesy “in your face” way.

One of my favorite songs is “Summer Solstice” – here’s a sample of the chorus lyrics:

“So can you throw your arms around me and walk me home?/
I’ve wandered off, way too far for way too long/
Standing broken in this wilderness of shame/ I have found my only strength is in your name/
Oh Father, please can you undo what I’ve done/
And get me back to square one?”

My other favorite song is called “There is a Line”. I like the second verse:

“Ask the ocean where the water meets the land/
He will tell you it depends on where you stand/
That you’re neither right or wrong/
But in the regions of the soul that won’t ring true/
‘Cause truth is more than an imposing point of view/
It rises above the changing tide/
As sure as the morning sky/

Within the scheme of things, well I know where I stand/
My convictions they define who I am/
Some move the boundaries at any cost/
But there is a line I will not cross”.

Good stuff!


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