Lunchtime Thoughts on “Amazing Grace”

Last Saturday, Mark & I finally made it out to see the film “Amazing Grace” (now playing at the cheap theater in Hopkins :)). Powerful movie, and quite well done. The only complaint we really had about it was that it was ALL dialogue, ALL the time…but that’s OK, and probably fitting for this type of film.

Some of my other reflections on it:

-It made me want to really DO something with my life. Make it count. Not waste it. It’s kind of a “kick in the tail” sort of movie.

– There is a scene where a gentleman states before the parliament that he is personally opposed to the atrocities of slavery, but that for the sake of the country as a whole, he cannot vote with the abolitionists. Hmmm…sound familiar? The absurdity of this type of reasoning was so evident in the movie. In fact, I found myself often comparing the cause of the abolitionists to the cause of modern day pro-lifers.

-It made me want to learn more about William Wilberforce.

-The most powerful scene to me was when Wilberforce visited an old, blind John Newton, who, for the sake of the abolition movement, is busy tearfully rehashing the painful account of his experiences as a slave ship captain.  While he  is obviously filled with regret and “haunted” by the “20,000 ghosts” of those he killed/let die on the ships from Africa, he is absolutely overcome by the grace of God. Best quote? “My memory may be fading, but one thing I remember: I am a great sinner and Christ is a great savior.”

All in all, good movie. Probably not the kind you’d watch over and over…but perhaps the kind you’d want to watch once in awhile, if you’re in need of some inspiration in life or a kick in the tail. I found myself crying at the end. (Granted,  the pregnancy hormones caused me to cry a bit more than necessary as the credits rolled :), but I do think I would have choked up anyway :)).

OK, lunchtime is over…back to work!


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