The Movie We Shall Not Speak Of

Last night Mark & I had passes to be a part of a free screening of an upcoming theatrical release. They were handing them out earlier in the week when we went to see “Evan Almighty”, with the promise that not only would we get to see last night’s movie for free, but we would each get 2 free AMC Theater passes. We read the synopsis and projected rating of the film, and thought it looked interesting enough, so we went.

Unfortunately, we had to sign waivers saying that we wouldn’t post or publish anything about the movie that we saw. So I can’t tell you anything about it, other than that it was a very sweet and endearing story (in spite of some questionable political overtones), a VERY well made movie, pretty much completely clean, and in my opinion, Oscar material (but what do I know :)).

So we enjoyed the movie (which is still an unfinished product), filled out a survey afterwards, got our free passes, and went on our merry way.

We have seen three movies this week – all free – and I will say that this was far better than the other two (Evan Almighty & Ocean’s 13), as entertaining as they were.



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