Fear and Wisdom – a Tuesday Night Rambling

“A life lived in fear is a life half-lived”.

I heard this quote in some movie I once saw (OK, so I know what movie it was: “Strictly Ballroom”. For some reason I’m kind of embarrassed by that), and it has always stuck with me – probably because I feel like I’ve often let fear get in the way of – or even rule – my life. Fear of what other people will think…fear of rejection…fear of the unknown…fear of *fill in the blank*. I’ve found myself not asking questions or initiating potentially important conversations because I’m afraid of the answer “no”, or of just looking foolish. I’ve found myself tempted to not attend something because I’m afraid that traffic *might* be bad (that one’s just from today :))

Not that “fear” is always wrong. Proverbs is our ever-present reminder that wisdom is something to be cherished. What have been pondering is discerning where the fine line is between “being wise” and “letting fear rule”. At what point does one move to the other? What is the difference between acting in wisdom (obedience) and not trusting God (disobedience)? When is it OK to take risks?

I don’t know if this makes any sense. It’s sort of late. 🙂 Just something that’s on my mind tonight – probably because I’m the kind of person that tends to err on the side of “fear” rather than risk. Forgive me for letting it spill out, in all it’s messy glory, on my blog!

I pray that God gives me eyes to see what is wise, yet keeps me from making safety an idol.

And remember…”the comfort zone is the danger zone”! Ha ha! 🙂 (I actually like that quote a lot – it’s just kind of cheesy :)).


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