Bridge Collapse

It seems a bit ironic that my follow-up post to my post on “fear vs. safety” would be related to a horrific tragedy that hit just a little too close to home.

First of all, for the record, we are safe, as are our immediate families (and everyone else we know, as far as we know – although I did just receive an email that a dear friend of mine was sitting in traffic just a few short blocks from the bridge when it collapsed – if she would have left work 5 minutes earlier, she would have been on the bridge when it fell). Mark & I were at a restaurant in Prior Lake, finishing up a lovely meal with Mark’s parents & grandparents when the waitress came to our table and quickly directed our attention to the TV in the corner of the restaurant. We could not believe what we saw. We had both used that bridge dozens upon dozens (hundreds?) of times. Mark lived just up the street from there in college. I, in recent years, have traveled it many, many times, as well – just last Tuesday, in fact. It was very familiar ground and not at all the kind of road I would have ever thought twice about traveling (and I’m a safety freak!). I spent much of the night haunted, picturing myself on that bridge. It could have been me…could have been anyone, really.

It’s funny how these types of events serve as real “perspective-checkers”, isn’t it. You’re just living life as usual – complaining about petty things, focusing on the minute and mundane – until something like this happens, and WHAM! Suddenly your priorities are slammed back into place. Suddenly you realize just how precious your family and friends are…how fragile life is…how crucial every moment is in sharing Christ with others.

I’m praying that you and your loved ones are all safe…


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