Reflections on Pregnancy

Now that I am in the home-stretch of my first pregnancy, I thought I’d share some random observations I’ve made over the course of the last several months:

• Bella Bands ( are one of the greatest inventions ever.

• Many people seem to have no problem with openly staring at a pregnant woman, as though they’ve never before seen such an odd creature. And if they are not the staring type, alot of people you pass will at least let their gaze fall from your face, to your belly, back to your face.

• Swimming — even on the chillier of days — is one of the best activities ever! Yay for weightlessness!

• When swimming while pregnant, you find yourself more easily annoyed when people hang on/around the ladder – your only means for climbing in/out of the pool. Combine this mild annoyance with pregnancy hormones, and you’ve got a problem.

• When you’re pregnant, the tears really do flow a little more freely.

• Feeling a baby move around inside of you is one of the coolest things ever.

• You notice (and appreciate) alot more about little kids when you’re expecting one of your own.

• One comment that should never, ever be made to a pregnant woman: “So…there’s just one in in there?!”

• Many complete strangers are really nice to you when you’re pregnant.

• Sometimes complete strangers are able to predict, with accuracy, the sex of your child, based solely on the way you are “carrying”. This can be a little creepy. (For example: “Oh, I see you’re pregnant! And it’s a boy, right?”)

• Painting your toenails – or really any summertime foot maintenance at all – becomes sort of a lost cause when you’re pregnant. Too much work to bend over that belly.

• TLC (The Learning Channel) airs several “baby reality shows” each weekday – from 8-10 and then again from 1-3.

• Sleep becomes more elusive…yet more needed. Still trying to figure out how this works.

• It’s a pretty amazing experience!


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