Late Night with Nikki

OK, so it’s not really “late night” as I post this…but recently I’ve had a few late nights (err…early mornings?). This pregnancy thing sure has thrown off my internal clock! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a full night’s sleep,  but the pattern for the past two nights has had me waking up (WIDE awake) between 3:40 & 3:50 and unable to return to sleep until 6:30 or so. No real reason for waking up – both times I was actually quite comfortable when I awoke (which is not always the case!) – I just woke up and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. I have managed to accomplish some small tasks during these odd hours…I’ve done some reading and put some finishing touches on my nursery closet organization plan…but still, I’d rather sleep like a normal person (although I’m not sure that normal people sleep in a carefully positioned mound of 3-4 pillows each night anyway! :)). I can’t help but predict that God is preparing me for the wonderful new job ahead of me…which I do look forward to. 🙂

I am SO excited to have this baby! It’s amazing to wake up each morning and wonder “could THIS be the day?”. I realize it’s still not likely to happen for another couple weeks (I have to keep reminding myself that he’s not due until the 21st!), but still – it COULD happen today, and that brings me such joy — joy to be finished with this pregnancy (I think I’ve hit the peak of the discomfort part of it :)), but FAR above that, the joy of finally being able to just snuggle with my baby boy!!!

Anyway, I have some tasks I must get to…


One response to “Late Night with Nikki

  1. Hey
    When do you want to get together???

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