A Poem for Busy Mommies

“Oh cooking and scrubbing will wait til tomorrow

But children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow

So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep;

I’m rocking my baby — babies don’t keep.”

-Author Unknown
When I was growing up, my mom had this poem sitting in a frame on a dresser in her room. It always caught my eye, and I somehow have remembered it for all these years…and now that I’m a mommy myself, it keeps popping into my brain as a great reminder of where my priorities need to be at these days. Cooking and cleaning are important of course, but the point of the poem it’s so easy to let the never-ending “to-do” list overshadow the simpler, more precious moments — like snuggling with my baby (while he’ll still snuggle!).


2 responses to “A Poem for Busy Mommies

  1. Bev Palmer gave me that poem, and now are babies are 13.

  2. fotofootprints

    Hi Nikki!
    Came across your blog today…looking for other like-minded Christian women. I will be reading your back posts, to catch up. What a great place to connect! I’m new to blogging….i think of it as digi-scrapbooking. A place to gather words and photos.
    And i just have to comment on this poem…i have written it on the underside of my rocker, with the names and birthdates of my 3 boys! Now i rock grandchildren….they do grow up SOOO fast. So enjoy those snuggles!
    Come visit me at http://fotofootprints.wordpress.com

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