Random Thoughts in Random Order…

• I love my baby boy.

• God’s grace and power to change people/situations is amazing!

• I love the fall.

• 3 weeks ago, half of my tooth fell out. Yesterday I spent a lovely morning at the dentist’s office, having a crown put in. It’s so uncomfortable sitting there in the dentist’s chair for 2 hours with your mouth wide open, especially when you just want to be home snuggling with your baby boy! It’s also not the most fun way to spend your money. But…whatchagonnado.

•  I really like the movie “The Lake House”. Check it out.

• This Sunday I will be singing on the worship team at Bloomington Baptist for the first time. Tonight was the rehearsal, and it was very comfortable and fun. Everyone there is really nice – they seem like great, Godly people, and not an ego in sight. I’m really looking forward to being a part of it.

• I’m glad “The Office” is funny again.

• I’m tired.

• I have a couple songs perkelating in my head.

• I’m not sure how to spell “perkelating”.

• I’m excited to have Mark home for the long weekend.

• I hear my baby crying…gotta go!


2 responses to “Random Thoughts in Random Order…

  1. Your baby is beautiful! Thanks for inviting me to your blog.

    I am also very happy that The Office has returned to make me laugh and laugh and laugh!

  2. p-e-r-c-o-l-a-t-i-n-g

    (1st round washout, Pine County Spelling Bee, 1964)

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