Any Ideas?

Do any of you experienced mommies have any tips for this newbie on how to get stains out of baby clothes? Especially the icky, yellow variety of stain? I tried the Dreft stain spray, but no-workie. Now I’m stumped. Do I just use ordinary Clorox?


5 responses to “Any Ideas?

  1. Soak for a half hour in Biz.

    I love Biz.

    I love you too,

  2. Jennie Hohnstadt


    The Dreft spray stuff was the BEST for me but you do have to keep working with it. I’d soak the clothes in warm water, rub out what I could and then spray and let sit out of the water. Then I’d scrub (scrubbing under a little running water I found to work out best) and then often I’d have to reapply the Dreft. It’s quite a process but I found if I keep up with it then I wouldn’t have any stains in the clothes…Yup, it is possible 🙂 Let me know if you want me to come over and try out that tea set and give you a first-hand demonstration 🙂

    Jennie Hohnstadt

  3. Oxi- Clean – a little pricey – but works everytime!

  4. Soak ’em in Biz or Chlorox 2 and hot water.


  5. Spray and Wash, ALL detergent (free and clear) – and soaking in hot water. I have soaked everything that my twins have spilled, messed, or pooped on and that always helps!

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