Snow Days, Coffee and Choup

Well, in spite of the fact that my performance last night at Northwestern had to be canceled (to be rescheduled), it was a good weekend. Aren’t snow days fun? We stayed inside (well, except for my wonderful husband who snow blowed the driveway), I made poppy seed chicken (our favorite dinner), did a bit of Christmas decorating, played with Will, and watched “The Nativity Story” (good movie!). I loved it. There’s something so fun and (ironically) “freeing” about being snowed in – it frees you to simply stay home and not feel compelled or obligated to go anywhere. I think more days should be snow days (if not in reality, then in the heart! :)).

The middle of the night, however, was rather odd, as both Mark & I awoke to a rhythmic “thump…thump…thump….” sound – the source of which was (and still is) a mystery! We spend a good half hour in the middle of the night trying to determine it’s origins. First it sounded like it was coming from the garage…nope. Outside? Nope. The furnace? Nada. The attic? Don’t think so. Hmmm. So – we’ve determined that our house must be haunted.

Anyway, today was great too. Will & I started off the day meeting my friend Kelly and her adorable baby Caleb for coffee. It was especially fun, since the last time Kelly & I met for coffee, we were both sporting large pregnant tummies! We then met Mark at church, followed by spending another day cozied in at home, where I made “Creamy Harvest Corn Choup” (a Rachael Ray recipe that is SOOOOO yummy and wintry wonderful. It also freezes well!). The only problem with the recipe (aside from the fact that I had to make 2 trips to the grocery store today to collect all the ingredients – I missed a key ingredient the first trip) is that it requires a lot of chopping (a red pepper, red potatoes, an onion, parsley…)- and I am NOT a very good chopper. I just have trouble chopping things evenly. My red pepper ended up virtually mushed,  the onion chunks were just way too big, and the parsley…well, there are a few sprigs in the choup (I used my food chopper, thought it was chopped, put it in the choup, and then…oops. Not as chopped as I thought!). Anyone have any tips?

Yes, it was a good weekend…here’s hoping for lots of snow days this winter!!!


4 responses to “Snow Days, Coffee and Choup

  1. Saturday was a good day to hibernate. Too bad about the concert postponement(?), though. I was looking forward to that.

  2. maybe we will be able to make your concert if it is rescheduled! I LOVE Rachel Rae… but her recipes are expensive- i need a cheaper version of her! Glad you had a fun day!

  3. Can you post the recipe for choup? Sounds yummy.


  4. We’re in the process of rescheduling…I’ll let everyone know when it happens! I was looking forward to it, too.

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