Dreams of Gingerbread Dance Through My Head

For the past few days, I have been waiting for my chance to make gingerbread cookies. I’ve been meaning to begin the task of baking Christmas cookies for awhile now (my goal is to surpass last year’s record of a whopping 2 batches or so, neither of which was very good), and decided to kick off this year’s Christmas baking with a delectable batch of  the classic gingerbread men. There was something so enticing about the thought of my husband coming home from a long, snowy drive to the warm smell of Gingerbread wafting through our house. Excitedly, I set the baby swing up in full view of the kitchen, placed my baby boy inside (ensuring that he had his fuzzy little lambie and a rattle to keep him entertained) and cracked out my trusty red-orange Betty Crocker cookbook and began reviewing the list of ingredients necessary for gingerbread men so that I could begin assembling my kitchen work station. I’d first gone over the list a few days ago so that I would be sure to pick up the necessary ingredients at the store, so  today I was confident that my cupboards were stocked with what I needed. Brown sugar? Check. Flour? Check. Ginger? Check. Molasses? Um….oops. I must’ve missed that. Mildly disappointed, I closed the cookbook and pondered what other type of Christmas cookie I could bake. I considered sugar cookies (thinking they were kind of close to gingerbread men) and decided to get out my box of cookie cutters to see what Christmasy shapes I could form in the dough. Turns out that particular box of cutters didn’t include any Christmas shapes.

Turns out that particular box of cutters didn’t include any gingerbread men shapes, either.


However, for future reference, I can make cookies shaped like hearts, fish,  sunglasses, or a flamingo.

I guess the gingerbread men will have to wait. So will the Christmas cookies.

I decided to make triple chocolate chip cookies instead.



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