My New Mom-Eyes

Today I’m feeling a little more like a “Martha” then a “Mary”. No no no, not Martha Stewart (although it’s perhaps no coincidence that those two share a name) — Martha of the Bible. Martha who was so worried about keeping up with the tasks of the house that she forgot the importance of just sitting at the feet of Jesus, enjoying his company and hanging on his every word.

I say this because today I’m having trouble shaking the fact that the house is a mess, the laundry is piled high, I have work to do, errands to run, the fridge is empty (only because I need to go to the grocery store), I’ve got a bottle to make, Christmas gifts to by, Christmas cards to finish making and get in the mail….blah blah blah…

(granted, maybe I don’t have to worry TOO much about being a Martha – I’m sitting here blogging and not stressing, after all).

It’s funny, I didn’t used to be this way.  Work hasn’t always been the priority that it probably should have been to me, so in a way I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s risen to a higher place on my list. I do so often enjoy this job of keeping up with the house. Today, though, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all there is to do, and keenly aware of my need to just stop…breathe…and enjoy the blessings of having a home…especially this time of year.

It’s funny how I see things differently now that I”m a mom…

…I’m more aware of things at the mall like elevators and nursing rooms. I’m also more aware of the teenage boys who fill the elevator for no good reason while the people with strollers wait and the mothers who take up chairs in the nursing room so that they can nurse their 3 year old (and could you please use a blanket?)

…I watch shows now about parenthood and children through a much more sensitive lens. The other night as I watched the Dateline special on the McCaughey septuplets and the joys, challenges and struggles of their 2 handicapped kids,  I found myself sobbing. Not “a little misty-eyed”, mind you — SOBBING.

…When I hear of a child abused or neglected, it pains me in places it didn’t before.

…I’ve found myself flipping the channel to “Regis & Kelly” and “The View” as I get going for the day (maybe this isn’t a good change). I’m also a bit more tolerant of “Barney” & (yes) “Teletubbies” (OK, Teletubbies is a stretch. That’s a creepy show).

…I could sit & look at my baby smile for hours, and even the smallest discovery he makes or milestone he achieves swells my heart up with pride.

… I  am hurt by anyone who doesn’t welcome or include my baby, or in any other way implies that he’s a nuisance.

… I am more fervently pro-life than I ever have been before. Would you like my vote for president? Be pro-life. Cuz if you’re not, you’re not gonna get it. Period.

I think I like these new eyes I’ve got. Thanks, God!


One response to “My New Mom-Eyes

  1. can i say that i agree with you on all the above…except my kids love teletubies… it’s not that creepy and it actually settles them down!

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