A SubURBAN Christmas

I am ridiculously suburban. I love our quiet street, the sound of lawnmowers in the summer, the delightful squeals of laughter coming from neighborhood children playing in their backyards, and the fact that I am 2 minutes from a CUB Foods and a Scrapbooking store. Oh yes, and I drive an SUV.

On the contrary, I am not so much an urban person. For one thing, I am a terrible city driver. It stresses me out. And parallel parking? I am horrible at it. Horrible. Like, “People are probably watching me try to park and thinking to themselves ‘Oh look, there’s a suburban girl’ horrible.”  To me, the city has always seemed big and scary. I have always felt like this. I remember when my family took a trip to New York City when I was 6 and feeling terrified. The city was so big…and there were so many people…and why did that man come up to our car and start washing the windows without us asking him to?!

While in some respects my view of the city has changed since I was 6 (I now think a trip to NYC sounds like fun, so long as I am accompanied – and driven around by, if necessary – my husband :)), suburbia is still very much my comfort zone – and I’m quite happy that way. However, I am very grateful to have some pretty great girl friends who all happen to be pretty urban-minded, and who every once in awhile are able to give this suburban mommy a good healthy dose of city fun. Tonight was one such occasion. We met up at my friend Sarah’s house (she and her hubby live in a cozy little apartment near the Walker Art center) and together went to the Macy’s 5th (or is it 7th?) floor display of “The Nutcracker” followed by dessert and drinks (in my case a strawberry lemonade :)) at the Palamino. It was a fun, classy little evening filled with holiday cheer, decadent desserts and good conversation.

We utilized the wonderful Minneapolis skyway system, in which I found something utterly delightful: did you know there is now a Target there?! Apparently it’s been there for awhile, so…probably. I love it!! It’s like a comfortable little slice of suburbia, right in the heart of the city…

(And yes, I realize that a mid-evening walk through of a children’s Christmas display, a visit to a restaurant and a discovery of a major superstore in the middle of the skyway aren’t exactly what most would consider to be an all-out “night on the town” – but humor me.  :))

Yes, it was a nice little evening. My only regret was that I’d somehow forgotten that we’d all decided to dress up…so I showed up in a sweater, blue jeans and my brown shoes while everyone else was looking all elegant. Oops. At least I’d opted for my festive red pea coat instead of my black hooded winter vest, so I at least looked somewhat Christmas-y! I’m not sure how it had slipped my mind. I so enjoy getting dressed up, and am always looking for an excuse to use my little green sequined handbag, for which there never seems to be an appropriate occasion!  Oh well. Maybe next year…


One response to “A SubURBAN Christmas

  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!!
    Hey can you send me your address so i can get your card in the mail?

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