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The Great CD Purge of ’08

This post is going to make my husband SO happy.

As many of you know, I recently left my job at a Christian bookstore, after nearly 8 years of service. During my time there, I primarily worked in the music department. One of the great perks of this role was that I became the automatic benefactor of many, many free CDs. I guess the music companies figured that a good way to get their music to sell was to convince the people selling it that it was worth selling. Hence: free CDs for me.

While in many ways this was a great perk, it quickly became a curse of sorts. I started coming home with (often) multiple free CDs in one day (and keep in mind that not all of them were necessarily CDs that I wanted – but I had trouble saying “no” to any free CD!). My living space became (and to this day still is) somewhat taken over by my CDs. I even developed almost a CD “habit”… and I’ve definitely been a CD hoarder, as the number of CDs I’ve actually listened to comes nowhere close to the number of free CDs I’ve RECEIVED .

Hence, I have decided that 2008 is the year to get my CD collection under control. I will still have alot of CDs by the end of the year, no doubt, but hopefully I will be rid of all the ones I really don’t want, duplicates, and perhaps I’ll even be able to pry my music-loving fingers from some of the CDs I have but honestly never listen to (we’ll see about that one). Perhaps I’ll even have room for the CDs I would actually like to buy but have no place on my shelf/drawer/wall-holders/CD tower for.

At any rate, here’s where this blog comes in. I have decided that a fun way to clean out my CD collection would be to offer them out to those who may actually want them. Why not make it fun? “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, as Mary Poppins once said. So every once in awhile I’m going to hold a little “trivia contest on this here blog – the winner(s) will each win a CD. Or 2. Or whatever I feel like giving away that day. Sometimes I will share the title with you before the contest…other times I will keep it a secret until after the winner is announced.

With that, I am prepared to kick off this little CD purge with the first trivia contest.


Last Friday I went to the Varsity theater for a concert featuring 3 local Christian singers…

-One has red hair

-One used to be the lead singer of a group that “asked God for precipitation”

-One is married to my first-cousin-once-removed.

What were the names of the 3 singers?


These are all CDs that I presently have in duplicate:


Caedmon’s Call “Long Line of Leavers”


Ginny Owens “Something More” (easily the worst CD cover ever


Matt Redman “Facedown”

Miracle Baby

As I type this, Will is sitting next to me in his exersaucer, busily spinning the spinny-thing and talking to his Whoozit toy (thanks, Kim!)  that’s propped up on it’s ledge, and I am struck by the fact that a year ago, he was roughly the size of a lima bean. A lima bean! He was smaller than the current size of his nose, and now he is big enough to laugh, cry, eat cereal, “talk”, and stare up at me with those beautiful blue orbs of his and smile in delight when I walk in his room in the morning. How can this be?!

I always knew that people were miracles, but having this baby — experiencing his development from the very beginning — has caused me to see it in a brand new and wonderful way. What a delight!

Why I’m a Single Issue Voter

hol·o·caust  [holuh-kawst, hoh-luh]  –noun

1. a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.
2. a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.
3. (usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually prec. by the).
4. any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

We’ve got our own, modern day holocaust happening here on our very own soil. It’s one that has been quietly been taking place in hundreds of little clinics all across our nation, non-stop for the past 35 years.

The horrifying Nazi holocaust slaughtered roughly 11 million.

This one has slaughtered 42 million – and counting.

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States.

I just saw a headline that said that in 2007, abortions were down to 2.1 million. DOWN.

I raise this topic not to take issue with any women who have had abortions. I hope and pray they find healing and peace in the loving arms of Christ.

Here’s who I do take issue with:

  • I take issue with a multi-billion dollar industry that lies to women, telling them that abortion is a decision that will affect only their body.
  • I take issue with a multi-billion dollar industry that makes it’s money off of the taking of innocent life – in often brutal ways.
  • I take issue with politicians who live in denial of the slaughter and vow to keep this practice “safe and legal” if they are elected.
  • I take issue with a culture that has decided that it’s OK to let this practice continue legally – and that it’s a practice worth defending.
  • I take issue with Christians who act a little embarrassed by those who speak up about abortion and and tell me and those like me that we’re foolish to be so concerned about this issue and label pro-lifers as “right wing nuts”

This election season, there are a lot of important issues on the table. Our world is in a dire state. However, in my opinion, there are no issues so critical as this one. Nothing else – no war, no famine, no terrorist – is killing this many people legally.

Did you know we are only one supreme court vote away from being able to overturn Roe v. Wade completely?

That’s why the choice of our next president is especially critical.

This is why I will do all in my power to refuse to vote for a candidate who is pro-choice, in the same way that I would refuse to vote for a candidate who was pro-holocaust or pro-slavery. If it comes down to it, and God-forbid, I am forced to choose between two pro-choice candidates, I will choose the person who I believe will be the most likely to make a pro-life court nomination.

Thanks for indulging me as I stand on this soap-box…I simply ask you to consider these thoughts as you make your decision on who to vote for!


juno.jpegLast night we saw the movie “Juno”. If you haven’t heard (i.e. if you’ve been living under a rock), it’s about a teenage girl who finds herself pregnant. I saw the trailer several months ago, and since then had been intrigued. It looked witty, touching, and possibly as though it carried some very pro-life (yes, pro-life — in Hollywood) themes. Now that I’ve heard it’s title in the Oscar Buzz, I’ve been all the more intrigued. Pro-life movies just don’t make it to the Oscars.

My verdict? Very, very interesting film. I’ll preface my little “review” here by stating that it’s not a family movie. There’s a good deal of language and (obviously) some really mature themes woven throughout the picture. It’s not a superbad-raunchy movie, but it’s definitely not a kid-friendly movie, either. It would also be a mistake to call it “a movie with a message”. It’s not. I sincerely doubt that anyone involved with the production of this motion picture intended to present a case for being pro-life. Also, marriage isn’t exactly esteemed as an “everlasting” thing in the movie, and no real value judgments are placed on the very act which landed Juno in her predicament in the first place.

However – here’s what I do know. Any girl who sees that movie and finds herself in the same situation as Juno will remember one thing: her baby has fingernails.

Other things I liked about the movie included the way the pro-life picketer wasn’t painted as a complete jerk (Nerdy? Yes. Jerk? Nope. Courageous? I thought so.) and the way the women’s clinic wasn’t exactly depicted as a friendly place. Such a reversal of the typical Hollywood stereotypes! I also appreciated the witty script, the top-notch acting and the pleasant music.

I’m glad this movie seems to be getting so much hype – it’s literally got the potential to save some lives, without even meaning to.


I just got back from a refreshing little night out. I went with my friend Tami and two of her friends to our local Archivers for their weekly “ScrapMania” – which is basically just a time where, for a minimal fee, they offer you food, a big table to work on, the use of their cutters/die-cuts/pens/etc., a “page kit”and the chance to win great prizes. It was quite a treat to just sit there and get cracking on my baby scrapbook while chatting with some girls. Sometimes it’s just fun to get those little “girly nights” away – and the best part of it all is that by the end of the evening, coming home to my darling boys is all the sweeter! 🙂 Thanks to my sweet hubby for caring for the baby for a few hours so I could indulge in my scrapbooking semi-habit. 🙂 ‘Twas fun.

Bold Prediction

On the coffee table net to me, there lies a yellowish envelope, on which is scrawled this name:

Christie Lee Cook

I want to remember this name, for it belongs to the person whom (who?) I believe will be this year’s winner of American Idol.

Amazing voice, the “x” factor, wholesome (or at least somewhat wholesome, considering she sang “Amazing Grace” for her audition!)…yep, I think she just might be it.

Of course, it’s only episode 1, so I very well could be proven wrong…we shall see!

The Birthday Celebration

So…I realized today, after posting my little photo essay in honor of my beloved, that I’d failed to post about our little celebration this past weekend! Even though Mark’s birthday was today, the three of us celebrated on Saturday night, as school nights just do not make the best celebratory evenings for my dear teacher husband. So we opted for a low-key yet fun, family evening on Saturday.

First, I made my very first fondue. It was a cheesy recipe (using two different expensive and delicious yet very stinky cheeses that even now I can’t recall the names of). Aside from the fact that it began to congeal when I failed to keep it on constant heat, it was pretty good — and  it was fun to finally use our fondue pot:


We then had the traditional Wallace family buttermilk birthday cake, which I am finally STARTING to get the hang of making (read: it was edible this year). Here’s a snapshot of the birthday boy and said cake:


Next it was time to open the gifts, among which was The Dangerous Book for Boys, from Will. He’s quite a creative gift-giver, that baby.

We rounded out the night by bundling up and heading to the store to seek out the perfect pair of basketball shoes (my gift to Mark – yet this wife doesn’t know enough about basketball shoes to trust herself with picking a pair out herself!). Unfortunately we haven’t had any luck yet in finding the right pair – but soon!

‘Twas a good night. It sure is fun to time together as a family. This is the life. 🙂