The Birthday Celebration

So…I realized today, after posting my little photo essay in honor of my beloved, that I’d failed to post about our little celebration this past weekend! Even though Mark’s birthday was today, the three of us celebrated on Saturday night, as school nights just do not make the best celebratory evenings for my dear teacher husband. So we opted for a low-key yet fun, family evening on Saturday.

First, I made my very first fondue. It was a cheesy recipe (using two different expensive and delicious yet very stinky cheeses that even now I can’t recall the names of). Aside from the fact that it began to congeal when I failed to keep it on constant heat, it was pretty good — and  it was fun to finally use our fondue pot:


We then had the traditional Wallace family buttermilk birthday cake, which I am finally STARTING to get the hang of making (read: it was edible this year). Here’s a snapshot of the birthday boy and said cake:


Next it was time to open the gifts, among which was The Dangerous Book for Boys, from Will. He’s quite a creative gift-giver, that baby.

We rounded out the night by bundling up and heading to the store to seek out the perfect pair of basketball shoes (my gift to Mark – yet this wife doesn’t know enough about basketball shoes to trust herself with picking a pair out herself!). Unfortunately we haven’t had any luck yet in finding the right pair – but soon!

‘Twas a good night. It sure is fun to time together as a family. This is the life. 🙂


One response to “The Birthday Celebration

  1. You should post the recipe for this famous cake – or is it a family secret? Glad you guys had such a great weekend.

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