juno.jpegLast night we saw the movie “Juno”. If you haven’t heard (i.e. if you’ve been living under a rock), it’s about a teenage girl who finds herself pregnant. I saw the trailer several months ago, and since then had been intrigued. It looked witty, touching, and possibly as though it carried some very pro-life (yes, pro-life — in Hollywood) themes. Now that I’ve heard it’s title in the Oscar Buzz, I’ve been all the more intrigued. Pro-life movies just don’t make it to the Oscars.

My verdict? Very, very interesting film. I’ll preface my little “review” here by stating that it’s not a family movie. There’s a good deal of language and (obviously) some really mature themes woven throughout the picture. It’s not a superbad-raunchy movie, but it’s definitely not a kid-friendly movie, either. It would also be a mistake to call it “a movie with a message”. It’s not. I sincerely doubt that anyone involved with the production of this motion picture intended to present a case for being pro-life. Also, marriage isn’t exactly esteemed as an “everlasting” thing in the movie, and no real value judgments are placed on the very act which landed Juno in her predicament in the first place.

However – here’s what I do know. Any girl who sees that movie and finds herself in the same situation as Juno will remember one thing: her baby has fingernails.

Other things I liked about the movie included the way the pro-life picketer wasn’t painted as a complete jerk (Nerdy? Yes. Jerk? Nope. Courageous? I thought so.) and the way the women’s clinic wasn’t exactly depicted as a friendly place. Such a reversal of the typical Hollywood stereotypes! I also appreciated the witty script, the top-notch acting and the pleasant music.

I’m glad this movie seems to be getting so much hype – it’s literally got the potential to save some lives, without even meaning to.


2 responses to “Juno

  1. Now I’m intrigued to see it. Is it available in DVD?

  2. It’s not yet available on DVD, but if you go to You Tube and type in “Juno Trailers” you can find a trailer for it.

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