The Great CD Purge of ’08

This post is going to make my husband SO happy.

As many of you know, I recently left my job at a Christian bookstore, after nearly 8 years of service. During my time there, I primarily worked in the music department. One of the great perks of this role was that I became the automatic benefactor of many, many free CDs. I guess the music companies figured that a good way to get their music to sell was to convince the people selling it that it was worth selling. Hence: free CDs for me.

While in many ways this was a great perk, it quickly became a curse of sorts. I started coming home with (often) multiple free CDs in one day (and keep in mind that not all of them were necessarily CDs that I wanted – but I had trouble saying “no” to any free CD!). My living space became (and to this day still is) somewhat taken over by my CDs. I even developed almost a CD “habit”… and I’ve definitely been a CD hoarder, as the number of CDs I’ve actually listened to comes nowhere close to the number of free CDs I’ve RECEIVED .

Hence, I have decided that 2008 is the year to get my CD collection under control. I will still have alot of CDs by the end of the year, no doubt, but hopefully I will be rid of all the ones I really don’t want, duplicates, and perhaps I’ll even be able to pry my music-loving fingers from some of the CDs I have but honestly never listen to (we’ll see about that one). Perhaps I’ll even have room for the CDs I would actually like to buy but have no place on my shelf/drawer/wall-holders/CD tower for.

At any rate, here’s where this blog comes in. I have decided that a fun way to clean out my CD collection would be to offer them out to those who may actually want them. Why not make it fun? “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, as Mary Poppins once said. So every once in awhile I’m going to hold a little “trivia contest on this here blog – the winner(s) will each win a CD. Or 2. Or whatever I feel like giving away that day. Sometimes I will share the title with you before the contest…other times I will keep it a secret until after the winner is announced.

With that, I am prepared to kick off this little CD purge with the first trivia contest.


Last Friday I went to the Varsity theater for a concert featuring 3 local Christian singers…

-One has red hair

-One used to be the lead singer of a group that “asked God for precipitation”

-One is married to my first-cousin-once-removed.

What were the names of the 3 singers?


These are all CDs that I presently have in duplicate:


Caedmon’s Call “Long Line of Leavers”


Ginny Owens “Something More” (easily the worst CD cover ever


Matt Redman “Facedown”

5 responses to “The Great CD Purge of ’08

  1. 1) Elizabeth Hunnicutt
    2) Joel Hanson (of “PFR” or “Pray for Rain”)
    3) David Olson

    I hope I count! I wouldn’t have tried except for that I really want that Caedmon’s call cd! I already have the other two though…so you could give those to some one else…

  2. Katie Dugan is the winner!

    You win all 3 CDs…(it’s an all or nothing offer — ha ha, now YOU’RE stuck with duplicates!!!!)…

    if anyone is interested in the Matt Redman or Ginny Owens CDs, contact Katie. 🙂

  3. What a good & fun idea to get rid of CDs! Since I’ve here, I have quite the collection again. When I left MN – I gave away pretty much 8 yrs worth of CDs 🙂

  4. Super terrific idea! You may want to get them completely out of the family, though, because a CD may mysteriously reappear among your things. (that is, if the family member isn’t fond of one of the prizes:)

  5. What a fabulous idea, Nikki. I am so musically challenged though (blame my mom — she said only boys play drums when we got to pick an instrument to play in 4th grade — so, I sat in the classroom while everyone else went to band….hence, I don’t even know how to read notes! Do you think I’m still bitter? Sigh.) I’ll have to cheer on the other gifted music folk out there — or google to try to find the answers!

    I like your idea of making this a contest, though. I might “steal” that. Okay, first person who answers the question correct…..can come clean our shower (or do a load of laundry, or make a homemade meal)! Do you think that would make for a fun contest? 🙂

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