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Ten Things

OK, for a couple of weeks now I’ve been tagged by a couple of people to share 10 things that you may not know about me. So…here goes:

1. I don’t like movies that involve death or violence. (The only exceptions would be movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, superhero movies, etc…but even those cross the line sometimes.) For some reason I get WAY too emotionally involved with what’s happening in the movie and it can even lead to nightmares! So I try to stick with comedies, chick-flicks and pleasant dramas. As you can imagine, my husband and I have great fun when trying to decide what video to rent.

2. I once opened for Avalon. Not really. A friend did, though, and I got to sing back up for her. We didn’t meet Avalon. We weren’t allowed anywhere near them, actually. I suppose we could have mussed up their hair or something.

3. I worked at a Bible camp for 4 summers in college. The theme for my last summer there was “Search and Rescue”, and I played a recurring skit character named “Annie Ina Bind”. I would show up in a skit every morning in chapel and have an adventure trying to find my way home. I wore a black curly wig, a red and white striped sailor dress, and talked in a minnie mouse voice. For some reason each week the kids at camp became rather obsessed with which staff member was portraying Annie (they couldn’t tell who was beneath the wig), and I became equally as obsessed with making sure they didn’t find out – partly for the integrity of the character, and partly out of fear that they’d be disappointed that it wasn’t a “cooler” staff member (I envisioned them pulling off the wig and saying “Who’s she?). It got a little crazy sometimes. One week a group of kids mobbed me outside of the chapel and tried to pull off my wig. If I remember right, a lifeguard had to come pull them off of me. It was the only time I was ever mobbed and probably the most popular I’ll ever be.

4. When I was little, I thought that the swimsuit competition at the Miss America pageant was to judge the SWIMSUITS.  I remember asking my parents why all the ladies were wearing the same swimsuit for the swimsuit competition.

5. I played Eliza Doolittle in Bethany Academy’s rousing 1995 production of “My Fair Lady”.

6.  I have been to Disneyworld/Land at LEAST 10 times (I haven’t counted lately). I’ve got a thing for Disney park lore.

7. I met my husband in church. He introduced himself to me as “Mark”. That night he sent me an email (after having found my address somewhere). The email had no subject, and, thinking it was junk mail, I was about to hit “delete” when I noticed that the email address began with “m” and I thought to myself “Mark starts with M”, so I opened it, and the rest is history. I get the shivers whenever I think about how close I was to hitting “delete”!

8. My favorite color is green.

9. When I was in 7th grade I told a new friend at school that I had an older brother named Ricky who was in the Army. I have no idea why I told her this. I was trying to make a joke, and I guess I secretly had always thought it would be cool to have an older brother. So in the process of trying to play a lame joke, I sort of accidentally made up this lie. She was very confused when I had to explain to her that there really was no “Ricky”.

10. It’s a little known fact that I have been writing songs for many years. In elementary school was in a short-lived “band” with my cousins called the “Revelation Girls”. We came up with a couple song concepts (which mostly just involved drawing pictures of cool 80s outfits we could wear on stage). We actually didn’t get any further than that with our musical efforts. My first full song that I can remember writing, though, was with the neighborhood kids. It was called “No Way I’ll Say Yes”, and it was about the importance of saying “no” to drugs (clearly a big issue in my west Bloomington neighborhood). I actually still remember all the lyrics…

OK, that’s my 10! Time to tag 10 more friends: Bethany R, Sara K, Sarah H (incentive to start a blog!), Rachel K, Bethany P (again!), Chris D…and I’m out of friends that I know read this & haven’t been tagged yet. I really don’t know if anyone else reads this blog…so if you’

re reading this, then TAG!


In Defense of My Pick-a-Pile

It has come to my attention that there are some who feel that my previous pick-a-pile posting did not feature anything that constituted a true “pile”. In reviewing said pick-a-pile, I can understand where they are coming from. There were only a few items on the table, after all, and it didn’t take me long to clean it up. However, I would also ask you to bear these facts in mind:

1). There are 3 people who live in this house: 2 adults and one not-yet-mobile child. There really is no excuse for a pile of any size, unless it is of baby toys.

2). Why I feel the need to defend my ability to create piles, I don’t know. Nevertheless, feast your eyes on this horrific pile that was our bedroom at the very same time as the table pictures, approximately 2 weeks ago* – and note that there is no “after” picture! (cue “Psycho” music):


*I should admit that this is what the room looked like after I holed up in it like a sick dog for several days. It’s recovered since then (as have I)…though at present there are a couple of actual piles in there.

Yes, indeed…rest assured that this house regularly contains more than one true pile to be picked. One of these days I’ll pick another one. (Actually, my darling hubby has picked a few really bad piles over the past couple weeks for me…he just didn’t take pictures).



1 John 2

4Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his commandments(E) is a liar, and the truth is not in him, 5but whoever(F) keeps his word, in him truly(G) the love of God is perfected.(H) By this we may know that we are in him: 6whoever says he(I) abides in him(J) ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.

Today as I was working around the house, I flipped on a Piper sermon based on this scripture passage. I’ve got my iPod hooked up to a little speaker we’ve got, so I’ve lately become a regular listener of “Desiring God Sermons”, “Ask Pastor John”, “The Resurgence”, and a few other podcasts. Now, Piper is one of my favorite teaching pastors, but I admit it usually takes me a good 2 – 3 listens to one of his sermons to truly get much out it (the fussing of my baby or the rushing of water in the dish sink often ends up drowning out large sections of the message). One thing I did hear him talk about today, though, was the concept of being vigilant over your own words, actions and attitudes. Keeping your heart in check. Watching for any trace of sin creeping into your life. And it got me thinking…

I’m not very vigilant. Yikes.

I don’t do any of the “biggie” sins. You know, the cheating, thieving (literally) murderous variety.


…I’m not always careful with my words. I gossip without even realizing I’m doing it, and sometimes even when I DO realize I’m doing it (and probably have even inadvertently slid into slander). I lose my patience. I judge that which is not mine to judge. I am selfish. I allow bitter thoughts to take root in my heart when I’m annoyed. I could go on and on…

Easy, everyday, garden variety sins.

I won’t even begin to go into the things I DON’T do that I’m supposed to.

1 PETER 5:8
8Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Vigilance isn’t a suggestion. It’s a necessity. It’s a commandment.

If I love Jesus, I will obey His commandments. I will strive to walk as He did.

I’m convicted of my need to be more vigilant…I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit is available to help me…and I’m all the more grateful for the few verses before the aforementioned 1 John 2 passage:

1 John 2

1My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin,(A) we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 2(B) He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but(C) also for the sins of the whole world.

Happy Babies, Zany Zoos, Birthday Fun and Easter, Too

A week ago Friday I turned 29.


This number confuses me, for I thought I was in my early twenties.

Apparently not anymore.

Apparently I just have 1 year left (errr…less than one year now, I guess) in this glorious decade. Hmmm.

(My 33 year old husband is rolling his eyes at me as he reads this. I love you, sweetie. :))

Well, instead of dwelling on the time warp I seemed to have fallen in to, I’ll focus on the fun I had celebrating with those I love!

As it was, my birthday this year landed square on the end of my aforementioned “sick week”, so it took a little bit more energy than usual to celebrate – but my husband, son and family certainly made it easy. 🙂

On my actual birthday, my lovely family came over for the evening. We watched Fawlty Towers, part of “Becoming Jane”, ate Frankie’s Pizza, savored Cold Stone Ice Cream cake, and my mommy brought me my birthday flowers:


The next morning I started the day by watching this:


-sigh-. I love this movie. And it contains what is perhaps my favorite decadent word: incandescent. I don’t even know what it means, but I like it.

Mark had assured me he had fun plans for the afternoon, and he most certainly delivered. Our day started off by bundling our wee one up, packing up the stroller, and heading to…(…drumroll…): THE COMO ZOO! It’s sort of evolved into a birthday tradition for me, but this year it was all the more delightful to get to bring our little snugglebug to the zoo for the first time. Of course, he ended up being far more interested in his reflection in the glass and the lights than any of the actual animals…but it was still fun – if for no one else, for us. 🙂 Here are some pictures:



We closed the zoo down (actually it was only open until 4) and returned home to a delicious meal of grilled chicken cabobs, prepared by none other than my very own sweetie! Next it was gift time. Mark set up a treasure hunt (which automatically made my heart pitter-patter, as his marriage proposal was done in treasure-hunt form, as well :)). First the index card clues led me to some video tapes of Will’s early days, then to present # 1:


…then it ultimately led me to present #2:


He bought me a swing!!! A reading swing for our yard! He remembered that I’d once mentioned that I’d like one…and he bought one for me! Wasn’t that sweet of him? I’m pretty lucky…

We rounded out the day with an evening of snuggling with our peanut, watching videos of him being so tiny we could hardly believe it and chilling out to “Dan in Real Life” (a good flick, if you haven’t seen it).

A couple of days later, my parents took Will & I to breakfast at the Sofitel (as they do every year) where I was happy to be able to once again order “Les Oefs” (that’s “Eggs” in French, though I don’t know if I spelled it right. Anyway, mine were Benedict and they were GOOD). Finally, that evening, to cap off the birthday fun, two of my favorite ladies took me out for delectable desserts at Maggiano’s:


I truly had a great birthday. It sure made it easier to swallow the fact that I will soon no longer be in my twenties…ugh…

Moving along…

Our Easter was delightful as well. Aside from the fact that the ground is coated with several inches of that once-delightful, now-detestable white stuff (as the anchor man on the news so eloquently put it “There’s a certain beauty to it…but COME ON!”), we managed to find warmth in our hearts…sorry, I just couldn’t miss the chance to type something cheesy.

In all seriousness, no amount of snow really ended up doing much to dampen the celebration of our risen Lord. We had a great day of worship and time spent with our loved ones, and we hope you did too!




He is risen, indeed.

Happy Easter, from us to you!

Pick-a-Pile #1


Sick Week, Pre-Pick-a-Pile, & Will’s Grand Adventure

Well it has been one crazy, yucky week in the Wallace household, on account of my acquisition of the loveliest of bugs: the stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll just say that it left me with a new appreciation for a husband who loves me so much that he will sleep on the office floor so that I can have the bed to myself (and have Nick at Nite on all night), parents who are willing to stop what they are doing at the drop of a hat to help care for my baby (& me!) and a baby who somehow seemed to even know to “go easy on mom” in the middle of the night!

I also learned that it will be a long time before I have another Chipotle soft shell chicken taco.

Anyway, my plan for this post was to play “pick a pile”. This is a game that my lovely mother began on her blog, in which you pick a “pile” (i.e. mess) in your house, post a picture of it,  clean said pile, and then post the after picture. It’s really quite gratifying, even to look at someone else’s pick-a-pile’s. So yesterday I decided to play pick-a-pile with the bedroom, since it had served as a virtual cave for my sick little self for the last few days and was quite…gross. So I dutifully took my “before” picture, and began cleaning. However, as it turns out, my body still hadn’t quite recovered from my illness, and after about 15 minutes of cleaning, decided I’d had enough and needed a nap. So I never got around to taking the “after” picture – and let me tell you, there’s nothing more depressing than a “pre-pick-a-pile” picture that doesn’t have a “post-pick-a-pile” picture! So…we’ll play pick-a-pile later.

ANYWAY, in other news, today was a big day, as it was the first day warm enough for Will & I to do a little “exploring” outside (OK, “exploring” is a generous word…really, we just walked around the driveway for a few minutes). Still, it was a treat to see him get his first up-close look at simple things like branches and rocks! Here is a picture from our adventure:


The Best Children’s Music Ever

The other day a new friend (who is also a new mom) blessed me with a kind surprise: a mix CD featuring a number of children’s songs by a woman named Elizabeth Mitchell. I immediately popped it in the nursery CD player, where it has remained ever since. It’s pure sweetness set to music, and (more importantly) Will has been known to stop his crying and smile once I hit “play”.

You can listen to some of Ms. Mitchell’s music at her website, . If you click on “Flower”, “Sunshine” or “Little Bird”, you will have an option to listen to a few of the tracks (my favorites are “Little Bird, Little Bird” and “Ladybug Picnic”).