Meet John Daker

Most of the stay-at-home-moms whose blogs I regularly peruse are posting honest, uplifting, encouraging, productive things such as delicious recipes or household tips.

Meanwhile, I’m posting about local cable access television, practically broadcasting the fact that (at worst) I am kind of pathetic and (at best) I have a bit of a time-wasting problem that should probably be tended to.

Nevertheless, while we’re on the subject of local cable access television, here’s one of my favorite videos that I was recently reminded of. 🙂 See if it doesn’t make you laugh as hard as it did me.


3 responses to “Meet John Daker

  1. I love this and am so glad he chose a song that was very popular with the young people nowadays.

  2. I loved the aleluia sung with an almost closed mouth–hilarious!!!

  3. Okay, here’s my claim to non-fame: I saw one of the original recordings back in 1997 when it was being passed from VHS tape to VHS tape. I claim that the cult following began in the basement of House Fridley!

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