Happy Babies, Zany Zoos, Birthday Fun and Easter, Too

A week ago Friday I turned 29.


This number confuses me, for I thought I was in my early twenties.

Apparently not anymore.

Apparently I just have 1 year left (errr…less than one year now, I guess) in this glorious decade. Hmmm.

(My 33 year old husband is rolling his eyes at me as he reads this. I love you, sweetie. :))

Well, instead of dwelling on the time warp I seemed to have fallen in to, I’ll focus on the fun I had celebrating with those I love!

As it was, my birthday this year landed square on the end of my aforementioned “sick week”, so it took a little bit more energy than usual to celebrate – but my husband, son and family certainly made it easy. 🙂

On my actual birthday, my lovely family came over for the evening. We watched Fawlty Towers, part of “Becoming Jane”, ate Frankie’s Pizza, savored Cold Stone Ice Cream cake, and my mommy brought me my birthday flowers:


The next morning I started the day by watching this:


-sigh-. I love this movie. And it contains what is perhaps my favorite decadent word: incandescent. I don’t even know what it means, but I like it.

Mark had assured me he had fun plans for the afternoon, and he most certainly delivered. Our day started off by bundling our wee one up, packing up the stroller, and heading to…(…drumroll…): THE COMO ZOO! It’s sort of evolved into a birthday tradition for me, but this year it was all the more delightful to get to bring our little snugglebug to the zoo for the first time. Of course, he ended up being far more interested in his reflection in the glass and the lights than any of the actual animals…but it was still fun – if for no one else, for us. 🙂 Here are some pictures:



We closed the zoo down (actually it was only open until 4) and returned home to a delicious meal of grilled chicken cabobs, prepared by none other than my very own sweetie! Next it was gift time. Mark set up a treasure hunt (which automatically made my heart pitter-patter, as his marriage proposal was done in treasure-hunt form, as well :)). First the index card clues led me to some video tapes of Will’s early days, then to present # 1:


…then it ultimately led me to present #2:


He bought me a swing!!! A reading swing for our yard! He remembered that I’d once mentioned that I’d like one…and he bought one for me! Wasn’t that sweet of him? I’m pretty lucky…

We rounded out the day with an evening of snuggling with our peanut, watching videos of him being so tiny we could hardly believe it and chilling out to “Dan in Real Life” (a good flick, if you haven’t seen it).

A couple of days later, my parents took Will & I to breakfast at the Sofitel (as they do every year) where I was happy to be able to once again order “Les Oefs” (that’s “Eggs” in French, though I don’t know if I spelled it right. Anyway, mine were Benedict and they were GOOD). Finally, that evening, to cap off the birthday fun, two of my favorite ladies took me out for delectable desserts at Maggiano’s:


I truly had a great birthday. It sure made it easier to swallow the fact that I will soon no longer be in my twenties…ugh…

Moving along…

Our Easter was delightful as well. Aside from the fact that the ground is coated with several inches of that once-delightful, now-detestable white stuff (as the anchor man on the news so eloquently put it “There’s a certain beauty to it…but COME ON!”), we managed to find warmth in our hearts…sorry, I just couldn’t miss the chance to type something cheesy.

In all seriousness, no amount of snow really ended up doing much to dampen the celebration of our risen Lord. We had a great day of worship and time spent with our loved ones, and we hope you did too!




He is risen, indeed.

Happy Easter, from us to you!


2 responses to “Happy Babies, Zany Zoos, Birthday Fun and Easter, Too

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  2. 29, eh? You’re getting OLD, Nikki! 🙂

    OK, seriously, your post leaves me with a grin on my face… as I am facing 39 this year (in May). Hard to believe! Yikes! Actually, for some strange reason, I am looking forward to 40… perhaps because over the past several years, the big four-oh has had a “looming” effect on my psyche… but now I’m like, “Bring it on, baby!” 🙂

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