Ten Things

OK, for a couple of weeks now I’ve been tagged by a couple of people to share 10 things that you may not know about me. So…here goes:

1. I don’t like movies that involve death or violence. (The only exceptions would be movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, superhero movies, etc…but even those cross the line sometimes.) For some reason I get WAY too emotionally involved with what’s happening in the movie and it can even lead to nightmares! So I try to stick with comedies, chick-flicks and pleasant dramas. As you can imagine, my husband and I have great fun when trying to decide what video to rent.

2. I once opened for Avalon. Not really. A friend did, though, and I got to sing back up for her. We didn’t meet Avalon. We weren’t allowed anywhere near them, actually. I suppose we could have mussed up their hair or something.

3. I worked at a Bible camp for 4 summers in college. The theme for my last summer there was “Search and Rescue”, and I played a recurring skit character named “Annie Ina Bind”. I would show up in a skit every morning in chapel and have an adventure trying to find my way home. I wore a black curly wig, a red and white striped sailor dress, and talked in a minnie mouse voice. For some reason each week the kids at camp became rather obsessed with which staff member was portraying Annie (they couldn’t tell who was beneath the wig), and I became equally as obsessed with making sure they didn’t find out – partly for the integrity of the character, and partly out of fear that they’d be disappointed that it wasn’t a “cooler” staff member (I envisioned them pulling off the wig and saying “Who’s she?). It got a little crazy sometimes. One week a group of kids mobbed me outside of the chapel and tried to pull off my wig. If I remember right, a lifeguard had to come pull them off of me. It was the only time I was ever mobbed and probably the most popular I’ll ever be.

4. When I was little, I thought that the swimsuit competition at the Miss America pageant was to judge the SWIMSUITS.  I remember asking my parents why all the ladies were wearing the same swimsuit for the swimsuit competition.

5. I played Eliza Doolittle in Bethany Academy’s rousing 1995 production of “My Fair Lady”.

6.  I have been to Disneyworld/Land at LEAST 10 times (I haven’t counted lately). I’ve got a thing for Disney park lore.

7. I met my husband in church. He introduced himself to me as “Mark”. That night he sent me an email (after having found my address somewhere). The email had no subject, and, thinking it was junk mail, I was about to hit “delete” when I noticed that the email address began with “m” and I thought to myself “Mark starts with M”, so I opened it, and the rest is history. I get the shivers whenever I think about how close I was to hitting “delete”!

8. My favorite color is green.

9. When I was in 7th grade I told a new friend at school that I had an older brother named Ricky who was in the Army. I have no idea why I told her this. I was trying to make a joke, and I guess I secretly had always thought it would be cool to have an older brother. So in the process of trying to play a lame joke, I sort of accidentally made up this lie. She was very confused when I had to explain to her that there really was no “Ricky”.

10. It’s a little known fact that I have been writing songs for many years. In elementary school was in a short-lived “band” with my cousins called the “Revelation Girls”. We came up with a couple song concepts (which mostly just involved drawing pictures of cool 80s outfits we could wear on stage). We actually didn’t get any further than that with our musical efforts. My first full song that I can remember writing, though, was with the neighborhood kids. It was called “No Way I’ll Say Yes”, and it was about the importance of saying “no” to drugs (clearly a big issue in my west Bloomington neighborhood). I actually still remember all the lyrics…

OK, that’s my 10! Time to tag 10 more friends: Bethany R, Sara K, Sarah H (incentive to start a blog!), Rachel K, Bethany P (again!), Chris D…and I’m out of friends that I know read this & haven’t been tagged yet. I really don’t know if anyone else reads this blog…so if you’

re reading this, then TAG!


2 responses to “Ten Things

  1. I love that you lied just like me–without meaning to!!! Do you think it’s genetic or something?

  2. Fun and interesting to read about you on this top 10! Funny…without knowing what your top 10 was, I listed the gig when we opened for Avalon on mine too! 🙂

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