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Is It Mean that Sometimes I Just Like to Put This Hat on Him for No Reason?

for more fun photos, check out his blog.


Who I Want to Be

When it comes down to it, as far as popular American culture is concerned, stay-at-home-moms are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel. Before I was a mom, I knew this intellectually, and felt bad for people like my own mom who seemed to get a bad rap. Now that I am in my 8th month of being a mom, I feel it myself, and I see it everywhere. And OW it stings. I’ll share 2 recent examples:

…on NPR* the other day , a collection of women were being interviewed regarding the election – and the radio announcer made a point of assigning these women credibility by saying that each of them was a “professional” woman…which would imply that there is such a thing as a “non-professional woman”…which I would assume means someone like me who stays at home… (if you can think of anything else that that might mean, please enlighten me, because I can’t!).

…today on Rachael Ray**, Maria Shriver was being interviewed — and much to my horror began describing her recent revelation that even her kids don’t see “just being a mom” as a job, and would look up to her more if she “had a real job”, because then she would “be who she wanted to be”, or some such nonsense! Yeah, thanks, Maria.

I’m really not trying to play the martyr here. This job is a TON of work, but it does have a ton of perks…snuggles, a measured degree of freedom to run errands, take walks, meet friends for lunch, etc. (this will only decrease as my baby becomes mobile, and eventually, as my family increases in size), the ability to listen to the TV with one ear during the day (if you call that a perk)….many other things, too.

I think what bothers me more is that it’s just proof that we live in a selfish culture. A culture that tells us incessantly that in order to have any worth, we have to have a “real career”, and that pushes us to put ourselves first, because “we deserve it”. (I hate that phraseology, by the way, and it’s everywhere. I even heard a TV ad that says “You deserve a beautiful new bathroom.”. What the heck. I don’t deserve anything except hell! But I digress…). But shouldn’t things run the opposite way? Shouldn’t women who choose to sacrifice their careers and statuses in order to focus on raising godly children be given the highest honor and set as the model of a truly successful woman?

I suppose that in God’s eyes they are, and I suppose that’s what Proverbs 31 is saying.

But here in America no one seems to think so. They seem to think anyone who stays at home with their little ones just sits around watching TV all day, loads of free time on their hands…(oh how wrong they are!)

Well, regardless of what Mrs. Schwarzenegger says, I’m pretty much “who I want to be”: Mark’s wife & Will’s mommy. 🙂


*not a station I normally listen to, by the way, but I was in the new car & couldn’t figure out how to change the channel, so I left it!

**NO, I don’t sit around at home watching Rachael Ray all day! I had it on the kitchen TV while I was doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, and feeding my son. Not that I’m trying to defend myself… 🙂

Still Here…

Yes, to any (either?) of you who still periodically check this blog, I am still here. As I mentioned in my previous post (wasn’t that Beatles baby cute, by the way?), I’ve posted several mental blogs – just none that actually made it into my laptop. And now I can’t remember what any of them were. So…I am just going to post some random thoughts/happenings, because I don’t know what else to write about:

• For my birthday, my brother Chris bought me a wonderful little book called “500 Cookies”. The title is pretty self explanatory: it’s a chunky little book containing recipes for (yes) 500 different kinds of cookies – complete with full-color photographs of each savory confection. Yum. I decided to embark upon a bold endeavor: I will bake each of the 500 cookies and review each one. Not all at once, mind you – one at a time, at my leisure. So far I’ve baked 1: the peanut butter cookie. I had originally photographed my baking endeavor to provide documentation for a blog-post about it, but alas, the photos had to be sacrified in a last minute need to free up memory space on the camera. Oh well. I will say that the cookies were delightful. 🙂 I will be proceeding to cookie #2 very soon, Lord-willing. It’s a ginger cookie (can’t remember the name, though…not a snap…)

• I really like the show “Little People, Big World”.

• Today I felt like a true mommy. Will & I went to the grocery store. Poor little guy has a cold, so his sweet little face was rather snotty. Then I realized his little blue coat had some dried crusty food or something on the front. Then I realized that at some point while we were in the store (and I don’t know how I missed this), WIll had spit up some of his green bean lunch, leaving a large green blotch on his jeans and some greenness on his chin. Then we ran into 2 separate individuals who hadn’t met Will yet…and I wanted to yell “I really do normally keep my baby clean!”. On the brighter side, he was really very sweet the whole time, and just loves sitting in the front of shopping carts. It’s quite fun. 🙂

• I don’t know who I want to win American Idol. I am torn. My favorites change every week. I like them all in different ways (except Syesha…not a huge Syesha fan. And Brooke is on thin ice, too.)

• Recent Will accomplishments: he gets up on all fours (almost crawling time…) and he figured out how to drink from his sippy cup (which is ever so cute)

• The other night Mark & I went on a date. On the way there we stopped at some friends’ house – they gave us some neat backyard toys (a little slide and a sandbox) that they were no longer in need of, but they wanted to get rid of it before Sunday, so we took the truck* to pick it up. (*no, our truck isn’t fixed…but it’s driveable if we absolutely need to – and we absolutely needed to in order to pick up this stuff!). Unfortunately we forgot to take into account the fact that the toys had been sitting in their yard for years…and when toys sit in a yard for years, things tend to grow on/crawl through/live in them…bottom line is that it made our truck smell like…well, poop. And it just got worse as the evening progressed. Each time we got into the car – after the restaurant, at Southdale, at DQ – it had grown a bit stronger. Let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than driving with your honey in a car that smells like poop. Thus, for the remainder of that evening our truck was dubbed “the poopy truck”. Oh yes, and the slide had a caterpillar on it, which I made Mark get rid of. ~shudder~. The good news: everything has been scrubbed down, deodorized, and is now set up in our yard for future playing fun! 🙂

• Recent Mark accomplishments: Killing the caterpillar for me; unloading, washing & re-assembling the “formerly poopy smelling” yard toys.

•Recent Nikki accomplishments: Going to bed before 10:00 pm (did this on Thursday, yay me! Update: haven’t done it since.).

• Tonight I participated in a market research discussion group on granola. We talked about it…we looked at it…we tasted it…and let me tell you, there are some people who are pretty passionate about their granola! Even I found myself getting a little more fired up about granola than I normally would. Committees tend to do that to me – sweep me into the debate. The truth is I really don’t care. But some people really had their ideas on what was too sweet, what was too chunky, etc. I felt sort of silly, truth be told. I just buy whatever is on sale, and it probably has way too much sugar in it. I should probably check. But…I got paid $50 and got a free snack (granola) and a bottle of water to boot! So I can’t complain. 🙂

•I am planning on participating in New Life Family Service’s “Walk for Life” on Saturday, May 17 in Richfield. Anyone up for joining me?

OK, I think I’ve purged all the randomness I can for the moment.

Happy Monday to All & to All a Goodnight!

Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. It seems I”ve blogged plenty of things in my head, but not many things that have made their way onto the keyboard and into the computer. I promise I will return soon with a blog…until then, enjoy this video of a Korean baby singing “Hey Jude” (this one’s for you, Sarah).

Equally Skilled

Jon Foreman (lead singer of Switchfoot) is now releasing some independent acoustic music. I just heard this song tonight, and it’s beautiful…it starts off rather darkly, but hang in there…


Usually we fast-forward through the “group numbers” on American Idol. I wish we wouldn’t have last week! Watch this:

I Need a VaCAYtion…

…is what my dear husband always says when he’s feeling just a little stressed…and it’s one of those weeks in our household. A “vacation” of sorts would be great — as “What About Bob” would clarify: “A vacation from my problems.

On Sunday night as I was surfing on my beloved iBook, the screen cryptically blinked 3 times, and then -POOF-…went black, never to return again. (Believe me, I’ve tried reviving it. That thing had become almost like a 3rd appendage or something!)

Then, yesterday morning, we brought our beloved Explorer into the shop. On Saturday when the weather was oh so briefly warmish, we drove to Lake Harriet to take a walk, and while the windows were down, we heard a horrible screeching sound and wondered who would drive a car that made such a racket….OOPS, that’s OUR car… . We ever so naively assumed that it was simply an external problem…that something needed to be “lubed up” or something. Um, no. New rear brakes are in order, the mechanic told me, new tires will be needed very soon, and the ball sockets in the front of the car are starting to get just a bit loose (and, oh, by the way, if they break, you will be in an accident). GULP. The twist in this story is that we have had another potential car to purchase waiting in the wings…so instead of fixing the truck, we’re opting to put repairs on hold, as we figure out whether this next car will be available sooner than later. So…right now we’re pretty much a 1 car family.

This put us in a particular pickle, as I work 10 hours a week, and typically have had 2 options to fulfill those hours: I could work from home on my laptop (which had the appropriate software), or I could pack Will up and head into the office to work from there. However, now my laptop is broken, so I can’t work from home. And our car is broken, so I can’t use it to get to the office. Hmmm. So we’ve agreed that Mark will (very cautiously) drive the truck to work a couple of days this week so I can use the other car to go into the office. He’s got a very simple and fixed route to school, and 2 more trips there & back shouldn’t be a problem. Still, life has become a bit of a juggling act this week…

Seriously, we know that none of it’s a big deal. That there are MUCH bigger problems in the world, and that in the grand scheme of things we are so blessed. My laptop wasn’t our only computer (obviously, as I’m blogging right now), we happened to get some great news that something else we’d been saving for will cost us FAR less than what we’d planned (enough so that we feel confident moving forward with it), and as far as both the car and laptop go…we’d been planning for those replacements as well (shout-outs to my hubby who does a great job of looking ahead to that kind of stuff in our budget!), so all will be OK. And even if it wasn’t…we’d be fine. Seriously. Laptops and cars aren’t exactly necessities. Maybe that’s why God lets them break on the same day…on the first day Mark’s spring break was OVER…and on a week when I have co-op preschool to plan…

…so we can trust Him just a little bit more. 🙂