I Need a VaCAYtion…

…is what my dear husband always says when he’s feeling just a little stressed…and it’s one of those weeks in our household. A “vacation” of sorts would be great — as “What About Bob” would clarify: “A vacation from my problems.

On Sunday night as I was surfing on my beloved iBook, the screen cryptically blinked 3 times, and then -POOF-…went black, never to return again. (Believe me, I’ve tried reviving it. That thing had become almost like a 3rd appendage or something!)

Then, yesterday morning, we brought our beloved Explorer into the shop. On Saturday when the weather was oh so briefly warmish, we drove to Lake Harriet to take a walk, and while the windows were down, we heard a horrible screeching sound and wondered who would drive a car that made such a racket….OOPS, that’s OUR car… . We ever so naively assumed that it was simply an external problem…that something needed to be “lubed up” or something. Um, no. New rear brakes are in order, the mechanic told me, new tires will be needed very soon, and the ball sockets in the front of the car are starting to get just a bit loose (and, oh, by the way, if they break, you will be in an accident). GULP. The twist in this story is that we have had another potential car to purchase waiting in the wings…so instead of fixing the truck, we’re opting to put repairs on hold, as we figure out whether this next car will be available sooner than later. So…right now we’re pretty much a 1 car family.

This put us in a particular pickle, as I work 10 hours a week, and typically have had 2 options to fulfill those hours: I could work from home on my laptop (which had the appropriate software), or I could pack Will up and head into the office to work from there. However, now my laptop is broken, so I can’t work from home. And our car is broken, so I can’t use it to get to the office. Hmmm. So we’ve agreed that Mark will (very cautiously) drive the truck to work a couple of days this week so I can use the other car to go into the office. He’s got a very simple and fixed route to school, and 2 more trips there & back shouldn’t be a problem. Still, life has become a bit of a juggling act this week…

Seriously, we know that none of it’s a big deal. That there are MUCH bigger problems in the world, and that in the grand scheme of things we are so blessed. My laptop wasn’t our only computer (obviously, as I’m blogging right now), we happened to get some great news that something else we’d been saving for will cost us FAR less than what we’d planned (enough so that we feel confident moving forward with it), and as far as both the car and laptop go…we’d been planning for those replacements as well (shout-outs to my hubby who does a great job of looking ahead to that kind of stuff in our budget!), so all will be OK. And even if it wasn’t…we’d be fine. Seriously. Laptops and cars aren’t exactly necessities. Maybe that’s why God lets them break on the same day…on the first day Mark’s spring break was OVER…and on a week when I have co-op preschool to plan…

…so we can trust Him just a little bit more. 🙂


One response to “I Need a VaCAYtion…

  1. Wow, Nikki. That’s intense. But you’re right – things have a way of working out and not seeming so bad when you’re able to depend on God and trust that he knows what he’s doing. Hope to see you all on Saturday!!

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