The Joy of Purging

Don’t worry, I’m eating just fine.

I’m referring to the purging of STUFF. Yesterday I got a little taste of it, and…wow. It’s a rush.

I cleaned out the cabinet underneath the sink in the bathroom – which until yesterday contained all sorts of candles and candle accessories – used candles, broken candleholders, wall candleholder thingies that I got on clearance & will never use, cheap candles that I got as white elephants, etc. Too many candles, especially considering the fact that with a small child in the house, I don’t burn candles very often anymore! The unwanted candles are now at home in a bag marked “garage sale”, while the rest of them are safely tucked away in a box.

What’s funny is that even though I DREADED the thought of digging into that cabinet, it felt SO good – so FREEING to just get rid of stuff!

I felt the same way with my closet when I cleaned that out recently (though that was a little more depressing, since I had to give away most of my pants, which no longer fit). A high!

This summer one of our projects will be to clean out the pink room. The pink room is a room in our basement that serves as a storage room, pantry, scrapbooking room, & exercise room. It works well right now, but someday our office upstairs will have to become a child’s bedroom, which means that the pink room will need to become the office (and studio/scrapbooking room…we’ve got plans :)). So this summer we are going to go through the boxes in the pink room and….PURGE. It’s a little scary, since we already purged last summer, which means that this time around we’ll be purging things that we once decided were not purge-worthy…but I’m up to the challenge.

And I’ve decided that one thing I’m going to do to make it even more fun is to sell the unwanted stuff at a garage sale at the end of the summer, and give the money away…maybe to Rafiki…maybe to Compassion to buy mosquito nets for children in malaria ridden countries…who knows. Just an incentive to make the purging a little more sweet…

bring it on!


One response to “The Joy of Purging

  1. Oh purging feels so good! I always feel lighter and freer, relieved of the burden of stuff.

    Great garage sell idea.

    I’ve been so blessed by the new thrift store, Hidden Treasure. I get to pass on the things hiding in my basement, someone else gets to find something they’ve been looking for, and all the proceeds go to Missions. It’s great–everyone wins!

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