Mystery Stains

This morning as I was sitting in church, I happened to glance down and noticed, much to my horror, that there was a large, white deodorant mark on my (of course) solid black shirt. Not sure how I missed it before. I quickly grabbed my denim jacket as a cover up.

Then tonight as I was sitting in small group, I happened to glance at my arm and noticed that there were orange crusties (formerly squash, I’m guessing) stuck to it. Gross, I thought.

Earlier this week, as mentioned in a previous blog, I took Will to the grocery store, and was introducing him to a couple of people I ran into, when I noticed a large, blobby green stain on his jeans. Seems he’d spit up a little bit of peas while I wasn’t looking.

I’ve also had multiple moments where I’ve fingered the tip of my hair, only to realize it’s crustiness (not knowing how long it had been like this).

I’m getting the picture. Mommyhood = more stains. Perhaps I should invest in more of those Tide sticks.

(And who knows what other stains I’ve had but not noticed!)


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