Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve got a great mommy. Before mother’s day comes to a close (and I’m cutting it close, here!), I thought I’d give you 11 reasons why I think my mom is pretty great. Why 11, you ask? Well, because it’s May 11, it’s 11:30 in the evening, and…well, I just needed to pick a number. (Rest assured that there are most certainly more than 11 reasons I love my mom).

Anyway, here we go!

11. She is the queen of hospitality. Anyone who knows my mom knows this. Her kitchen is always open, the food is always good, and the conversation is always vibrant. I’ve taken many a lesson from this, and hope to bring this into my own home!

10. She puts her family first. Snuggles and kisses have ALWAYS taken priority over any other task at hand. This made for a home full of love!

9. She is an encourager. Just tonight I stumbled upon a card she sent me one summer when I was at camp. She always sent me plenty of mail when I was gone (and plenty of care packages!). Another time, later on in life, I was struggling with loneliness, and she got me some flowers with a card that said “You’ve got one friend – ME!”. I still have that card. 🙂

8. She will stand up for what she believes in, and isn’t afraid to be bold.

7. She’s got a GREAT sense of humor.

6. She screams at even the littlest things…like stubbing her toe, or dropping something on the floor. A scream that’s just a LITTLE too loud for the occasion. But we love her for it. 🙂

5. She’s very giving of her time. Several times since Will was born, she’s been known to drop all that she’s got going, pack up the younger ones and hang out here to help out. When I had the stomach flu, all it took was a phone call and she was here with lots of love for my baby and chicken soup for me.

4. She’s a fantastic grandma. It’s fun to see this side of her for the first time! The way she loves him, plays with him and giggles with him is so neat to see!

3. She took me to concerts when I was younger, supported my DC Talk habit in Jr. High (and in the process developed a slight obsession with Michael W. Smith, but we’ll forgive her for that… :)), and even got them to sign the back of my ski jacket.

2. She is a great planner. She planned our wedding like nobody’s business – it wouldn’t have been the celebration it was without her!

1. She’s just an all-around-all-star mom!

I love you, Mommy! Happy mother’s day! 🙂


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thanks honey.
    I love you,

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