Grief & Grace

For the past week I have been sadly captivated by the tragic loss of Steven Curtis Chapman’s precious little girl. For those who haven’t heard, she was hit by the SUV her teenage brother was driving, and did not survive. I’ve been keeping up with updates on the memorial service and such via a blog set up by their manager. (Is it weird that I found that blog? I just used to listen to Steven Curtis a LOT, so when I heard about this ordeal, I felt a pull to keep up with it and learn how the family is coping…anyway…)

Upon learning of the accident, my thoughts, first of all, were of the incomprehensible amounts of grief that that family must be experiencing in the wake of such a tragedy.

My thoughts then honed in on her brother who hit her with the car. The overwhelming guilt he is likely feeling crushed by. I then wondered how Steven Curtis and his wife were feeling towards their son. I wondered if they were struggling with forgiveness or anger. Today I heard the answer, and was greatly challenged by it.

I listened to this Sunday’s message by Scotty Smith, the pastor of Christ Community Church — a large church in Franklin TN, that happens to be where the Chapman’s attend. In the message, pastor Smith spoke of the scene he found in the emergency room last Wednesday night, immediately following little Maria’s death.

He said that when he walked in the room, he found Steven Curtis on the floor, arms wrapped around his son, pleading with God not to allow Satan to use this tragedy – and the ensuing shame – to steal the heart of his boy.


That’s grace in grief.


On a separate but similarly sad note, some friends’ of my family just lost their mother/grandmother to the tornado that hit Iowa on Sunday. Her husband is injured but OK…their home is in shreds. Please say a prayer for the Meyers/Luhrings.


2 responses to “Grief & Grace

  1. I am in complete submission to the way Mr. Chapman was expressing his love. As a parent, I have A LOT to learn from that kind of love. Utterly and completely loving. Like Christ. Thank you for sharing this post!!

    I’ll lift up your family’s friends, too.


  2. You might appreciate this blog by Jim Houser, business manager to Steven Curtis Chapman. He has been blogging everyday since the tragedy. He’s posted about upcoming appearances by the family with People magazine, Larry King Live, and Good Morning America. I’ve also posted those dates on my blog. Here it is

    By the way, I’ve just starting lurking and must say that I love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

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