10 Baby Products I Am Thankful For

There are LOTS of baby products and toys that I am thankful for…however, as a new mom, here is a list of 10 “not-so-obviously-essential” products that I don’t know how I could have survived the past 9 months without!

1. Robeez (footwear)- baby socks fall off — constantly. Robeez don’t. Ever. And they’re easy to put on. And they’re STYLIN’, too! (we also have a pair of Bobux, which are great, too)

2. PraiseBaby CDs – These CDs contain well-produced, pleasant worship music, perfectly suitable for naptime — for baby OR mommy. I love it that the music is so soothing and that the lyrics are so uplifting. My idealist mind prays that they are embedding themselves into Will’s little head as he nods off. 🙂 Thanks to my friend Bethany (who works at Provident) for hooking me up with the 3 disk set! 

3. Baby Einstein & PraiseBaby DVDs – Whoever invented the concept of the Baby-Einstein-style DVD has to have made a fortune! These are some of the most cheaply produced DVDs I have ever seen — yet my baby is FASCINATED by them. They simply contain 10-second “scenes” (usually of something simple like a pinwheel spinning or a toy dinosaur walking) set to classical music (or worship music, in the case of PraiseBaby). Supposedly they provide healthy stimulation for a baby’s brain, too. Whatever. I’m just happy they can keep him occupied for the few minutes while I’m getting ready in the morning (or, ahem, when I need a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning after my little early bird baby has awakened!)

4. Tub-Seat – I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s this thing:

My sister-in-law gave it to me with the explanation that it’s “pure gold” (i.e. hard to come by these days) Apparently it was recalled because parents were using it to leave their babies in the tub unattended, which is NOT what this product is for. It’s simply a tool to help keep your baby upright in the tub (and to keep your back healthy!) while you’re bathing him. I don’t even know what this product is called or if it’s available anywhere but garage sales anymore…but if you see one, snatch it up! We love ours!!!

5. Superyard XT – ‘We ordered ours a few months ago…before baby could crawl, before we knew firsthand just how curious this little guy could be. I’m SO glad we did. While it’s not initially what I pictured (I was thinking it would be more easily portable than it is — something that I could quickly fold up and bring downstairs, on a whim), it’s still great. We’ve got it set up in our living room on a big quilt, stocked with baby’s toys. It’s big enough that he doesn’t feel caged in, but small enough to get around fairly easily. It will also come in handy once he is walking, as the gates come apart and can be used to block off areas of the house where we don’t want baby to wander (i.e. furnace, music area, etc.)

6. Elizabeth Mitchell CDs – A friend introduced me to her music, and I simply love it. It’s sweet, it’s simple. It will only get on your nerves if you leave it in your CD player for several months on end (which we did). Still, it’s wonderful children’s folk music that’s pleasant for the grown-ups too (for the first couple months, that is. :)).

7. Wee-Block – I know it’s a little crude, but truly: no parent of a baby boy will regret owning one, especially in those early days. Truly. (Oh, and Mindy, ours says “tinkle tinkle little star”. Hee hee!)

8. Exersaucer – just…have one. 🙂

9. Nuby brand sippy cups (with handles) – Granted, I’ve never tried any other brand of sippy cup…but these ones are awesome. The handles are large and easy for tiny hands to grip, and it’s not too hard for him to get the water out, either! 

10. Boppy pillow – I LOVED these things — especially early on,  when he was so tiny and nursing took so long. With the Boppy, I could nurse him and read a book or just close my eyes, with no arm pain! Highly recommend.


Those are my favorites…what about you?


3 responses to “10 Baby Products I Am Thankful For

  1. Baby products I’m thankful for —

    1) The Jumperoo — Ryan LOVES it! He has been using it since he was 4 months old, and he would jump in it all day if I let him! Anytime he’s grumpy, I can put him in the Jumperoo and he immediately perks up. 🙂

    2) The wipe warmer — I said I would NEVER get a wipe warmer…just seems frivolous…but as Brandon got older (around 1.5 yrs old), he would HOWL about getting wiped during his morning diaper change — and I observed that the wipes were cold on his tender skin. Problem solved!

    3) Links. The colorful plastic ones. They are the simplest toy on the planet, super easy to transport and clean, and kept both of my boys occupied and content for long periods of time in public places!

    We love the Bobux too. 🙂 Brilliant invention!

  2. Hi Sara! Great ideas! We love our jumperoo, too (is that the same as a johnny-jump-up), and I TOTALLY should have included links in my list. THey are a toy and a practicality, all in one! And I hadn’t thought about the wipe-warmer, though I’ll have to keep that one in mind. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. I’m thankful for the covers that go over a baby’s infant seat! Though my kids were born in the summer (so I wasn’t trying to shield them from the cold!!), I did find them handy for when we’d be outside and there would be bugs! 🙂

    I’m also thankful for the Playtex bottles that have bottle liners — no worries about the plastic the liquid is in, and they are disposable!

    And yes, those shoes with the elastic are priceless!

    And I guess one other thing would be pants with the adjustable waistband…..slick since my 11 month old is in 24 month pants/shorts! 🙂

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