Lemon Meringue Fame

I’m a bit of a stats nerd when it comes to my blog. Every couple of days I like to check the stats on my dashboard to see things like how many people have visited, what links they have clicked on on my site, what links they clicked on to GET to my site, most popular posts, what words people Googled that led them to my site, etc. I don’t know why. I really don’t care about numbers; the stats are just interesting to me for some reason. (I’m often captivated by un-interesting things while ignoring things that should be of greater importance. But that’s another blog post.). Anyway, I’ve noticed a funny thing on my stats page. My most popular post ever, by far, was nothing spiritually profound (not that I get very spiritually profound), and nothing containing any attempts at household hints or witty anecdotes. No, it was a post I wrote roughly a year ago about how I impulsively purchased a lemon meringue pie due to a pregnancy craving

Almost every day, someone Googling “lemon meringue pie” has arrived at my blog.

In fact, my lemon meringue pie post is viewed almost every day, and has been viewed 231 times. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE TIMES (to give you a frame of reference, the next top post has been viewed 89 times. And the one before that, 56. And it’s all downhill — way downhill (like, down to 1)– from there.)

My curiosity was piqued.

Why in the world would such a random, lame post about a pregnancy craving draw such a high volume of traffic? , I wondered.

So I decided to do a little research to discover the root of the issue.

This should be easy, I reasoned, because I have absolutely nothing else keeping me busy these days.

OK, that’s not true at all. However, it still was easy, because all I had to do was a Google Image search the words “lemon meringue pie”. 

Go ahead. Try it.

Yes, that’s right. If you Google Image search “lemon meringue pie”, the 6th picture in will lead you to my blog.

So…I’m not really that profound at all. I just picked a good pie picture for my post.

What with this and my recent stint on the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, I’m headed straight for the hall of fame  (Which, in my house, is located directly up the stairs on my way to the nursery to get my baby out of his crib when he’s crying. I’m pretty famous with him in that hallway).



2 responses to “Lemon Meringue Fame

  1. This is amusing to me too! I think it would be very interesting to see that stuff. How are you able to view such stats, anyway?! Is it something I can do thru Blogspot too, or is it just WordPress that has the know-how?

  2. Cute post. I hate lemon meringue pie (but not your blog!!)! Do you really like that stuff? Go French Silk!! 🙂

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