Piper in the 80’s

I’m in the middle of listening to a sermon by John Piper entitled “Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of God” (ca. 1988), and had to laugh when I heard this paragraph:

“To confess that Jesus is Lord means that you believe that he will triumph over all things. He is not a small-town god. He is more powerful than Reagan and Gorbachev and Hatcher and Khomeni and Kadafy and all the other leaders of the world put together. He will come in triumph. And when he comes, he will be just as visible and real in Minneapolis as Michael Jackson at the Met Center, only his audience will be bigger, and his band will be louder, and his laser will be like lightning from one horizon to the other, and when his concert is over, all the evil and unbelief in the world will be gone, and those who followed him will live and play and work as happy as a child could ever be forever and ever.”

Hard-hitting, mind-blowing Piper preaching — 80’s style.



One response to “Piper in the 80’s

  1. OH, I laughed out loud and then I had to read it my husband so we could laugh out loud together. I’m so glad he didn’t put God’s hand in one of Jackson’s gloves!

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