Life Lesson #857

If you decide to “cheat” by wearing a pair of maternity capris even though you’re not pregnant (because they’re just SO comfy and quickly became your favorite pants, maternity or non), be sure you wear a top that’s long enough to cover the elastic waistband.

Otherwise while you are waiting in line at a small bakery, 2 older ladies may loudly call you over to where they are sitting and ask you where you got your “comfortable elastic pants”.

Not that this happened to me today or anything. :l


5 responses to “Life Lesson #857

  1. Too funny! That’s a great life lesson!!

    You’re so great with writing, Nikki! 🙂

  2. That is SO hilarious!!! I totally still wear my maternity capris. They are ridiculously comfortable! I’m not ready to go back to standard waistbands yet. Who needs a belt when you have sweet, sweet (hidden) elastic? Haha! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh jinkies! 🙂 Too funny!! 🙂

  4. This also applies to when you are actually pregnant, but haven’t told your co-workers. I’m just sayin’…

  5. I peed my pants when reading this post. I am one year out from having had my last baby and I am still wearing my favorite pair of maternity capris. Glad to know that others wear them for comfort, too (I still have some weight to lose so they are currently all that fit…ahem).

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