Pray for Emily Grace (*updated)

*Very Belated Update: Emily’s surgery was a great success. She came home from the hospital the day after her surgery, and she was even in church on Sunday, looking as happy & healthy as can be! It’s amazing what doctors are able to do these days…and even more amazing to think of what God is able to do! Yay! 🙂

Just a quick post tonight before I go to bed…

There is a precious little 10 year old girl from our church named Emily Grace. She has had many surgeries and been hospitalized many times already in her young life, but she always – ALWAYS – has a smile on her face. ALWAYS. I just saw her and her younger brother this morning, and they were an absolute joy. Precious, precious kids.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 7/15) at 12:30 Emily will be having major surgery to fix a hole in her heart. Would you be praying with me that her surgery goes well, for discernment for the doctors (they will have some assessments to make throughout the surgery to determine whether or not they should proceed any further), that the hole in her heart will be fixed, and for peace and joy for her parents and younger brother?


2 responses to “Pray for Emily Grace (*updated)

  1. PRAYING!!!!

  2. OH! Looks like I’m a day late — her surgery was today. Well, I will pray that her recovery is going well. 🙂

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