Summer Project Completed!

As I mentioned in a previous post (that I’m too lazy to find and link to), I had the fantastic opportunity to record in an actual studio this summer. Now, recording a CD has been a life-long dream of mine, and earlier this summer when I was given the opportunity to book a gig at the State Fair for August 25, I decided that August 25 would be a good deadline to have a recording in hand by, to sell at the Fair. My original plan was to record it myself, here at home, in GarageBand* on my laptop (*GarageBand is the name of a computer program; not a literal garage band. Though that would be kind of fun), but when I told my friend Sarah about my plan, she insisted that I get in touch with her friend Russel, who has a studio in his basement, fully equipped with ProTools gear (ProTools is also a computer program, but a  more sophisticated one than GarageBand). So, long story short, Mark and I ended up heading over to the home of Russel and his lovely wife Allie for a few very full but productive days, where Russel was able to help me put together this, my first “real” recording:

It’s just a very simple, 5 song acoustic CD, but I’m very happy with is and grateful to have had the opportunity to record it! And I’m excited to be able to have it available at the Fair tomorrow night (Monday, 8/25), where I’ll be playing at the Crossroads Chapel from 5-6:30 pm. If you’re at the Fair, please do stop by and say hi!!! And if you’re not there, and think of it, would you say a prayer? Playing at the Fair is always a unique opportunity to reach those who need to hear about Jesus, and I want to make the most of it. Thanks!


2 responses to “Summer Project Completed!

  1. I just read this and realized that you will be going on in 10 minutes. We will pray for you, and for all those who will be listening.

    Jennifer Larson and family

  2. I’d like to hear it… is it on the net anywhere?

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