Life Lesson 308: Always Check to See if There is A Line First

Yesterday we attended a “couples shower” for some dear friends of ours who are getting married next month. We brought little W along with us, but as the shower got underway and the guests were being introduced, he got a bit antsy, so I brought him downstairs to play. A few minutes later, the food was served, so M came downstairs to relieve me of my childcare duties so I could go up and get something to eat. I was so excited — I was STARVING. I couldn’t wait to eat. I thanked the husband, went up stairs, and headed straight for the buffet table. Oh, was there a smorgasboard there. I giddily grabbed a plate and began piling it high. Surely this would hit the spot. It looked SO good, I wondered why no one else was eating yet, other than the happy couple.

Then I realized the only people at the buffet table were the happy couple and I.

I turned around and realized (much to my horror) that, stringing the through the living room was a curved “line” of people. This series of thoughts quickly hit me:

1. There is a LINE in the living room.

2. Obviously, the happy couple were asked to be first in that line.

3. I just walked upstairs, walked directly past the line of people, straight to the table and piled my plate high.

By the time this realization hit, it was too late. I hadn’t just STARTED getting my food; my plate was completely full. There was no turning back now. And the worst part was that nobody SAID anything! Too embarrassed to inquire as to whether or not I had committed such a faux pas, I sheepishly took my plate, stepped away from the table, and ran into a hole back downstairs to my loving husband.

“I think I just butted in line!” I said, explaining the whole situation.

“No, I’m sure you didn’t,” he reassured me.

At that very moment another guest came downstairs and we overheard him talking to a friend:

“I was gonna eat now, but I think I’ll wait til the line dies down.”

My husband looked at me and snickered. 

I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide for the rest of the day.

But I didn’t. I stayed and had fun anyway, and not another word was said about me butting in line.

Hopefully all have forgotten.


3 responses to “Life Lesson 308: Always Check to See if There is A Line First

  1. LOL! So nice to know that I’m not the only one to make social boo boo’s….

  2. Oh Minnesota, where no one says anything, but thinks everything!!

    I feel your horror, but seriously couldn’t anyone in the room help a girl out?

  3. Been there… how awful… and i have no way of hiding my embarassment since i always turn bRIGHT red!! You poor thing!

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