Need Your Input: What to Feed My 1-Year Old

Now that baby boy is one, we are trying to expand his menu a bit, past the Gerber’s stage 3 foods he has been eating almost exclusively, but I’m finding myself at a loss for what to feed him (especially for lunch) so I thought I’d throw the question out to all of you more experienced mommies: what kinds of things did you feed your 1 year old for lunch?

I want him to eat a healthy, fairly well-balanced diet…no nuts…trying to stay away from eggs right now…but beyond that I’m not sure what to give him! I feel so clueless. So far my only ideas are Annie’s macaroni & cheese, Annie’s spagghetio’s, cut up “quesadilla’s” (tortillas w/ cheese & maybe mashed up black beans), cut up string cheese/crackers/cut up lunch meat, cooked/cut up carrots, baked potatoes, pastas….and I’m out of ideas. 

The finger foods he already eats regularly are grapes (cut into eighths), Gerber’s puffs, cheerios, Gerber’s wheels and little crunchers (similar to Veggie Booty), bananas…and that’s about it.

So I’d love to hear from you. What did you do? Thanks!


8 responses to “Need Your Input: What to Feed My 1-Year Old

  1. Hi….

    Here are my ideas:
    chicken nuggets, PB&J, hot dogs, grilled cheese, cereal bars (like Nutrigrain bars), canned peaches and pears, kiwi, applesauce, yogurt, raisins, graham crackers, pretzel sticks, FROZEN peas (kids LOVE frozen peas — maybe wait a couple more months until some of Will’s back teeth are in)…

    Those are some of the things, in addition to what you listed, that my kids ate when they were (are!) one! 🙂

    Happy snacking!

  2. Green beans and sweet peas were always a hit with my girls. The used to make little mini goldfish crackers, but I haven’t been able to find them lately. Cottage cheese, animal crackers and small egg noodles were another big hit. And strange enough, all three of them like tomatoes. I’m hoping my fourth will someday as well.

  3. One more thing — fish sticks. Crazy — but the boys love ’em!

  4. Logan loves cut up chicken or beef hot dogs with mac n cheese and veggies, grilled cheese, pb&j (i know you’re staying away from nuts, but both my kids starting eating all the stuff you’re NOT supposed to feed your kids until their older at about 9 months and both are PERFECTLY heathly with no allergies. I like to think about it this way, would you rather have them have a reaction while you’re there and can quickly get them to a hospital, or while they are with someone else that may not have the mommy instinct and may not know you’re child can’t/hasn’t had something. there is only one way to find out if they’re allergic.) he also loves chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, string cheese, cheeseburgers(squish down the bun and cut into bite size squares), frozen veggies(cooked of course, duh!), ravioli (it’s messy but he LOVES it), lunch meat, fish sticks…..i could go on, my kid eat EVERYTHING, he’s a tank! but i pretty much follow the rule, that if i can eat it, so can he. it will probably make a mess but oh well, he’s washable :)(and it makes for cute pics!) Good luck on your food adventures.

  5. Ice cream, cookies, Cheetos™, candy, candy canes, candy corn, maple syrup, oh, no, wait, that’s what he gets at Grandma’s house.

  6. My little one seemed to love mixed veggies (especially the green stuff) and it was easy to buy frozen and make some up. Pancakes are a HUGE hit (without syrup) and I’ve also found that she likes toast with lots of butter to make it soft and then cut into appropriate sizes (quarters or eighths are best). Celery is fun to chew on but maybe not quite yet and you have to watch that they don’t get the strings but they are easy to pull out. Um, hot cereal is also becoming a big hit around here (the Malt-o-Meal variety or instant oatmeal) and the Malt-o-Meal package actually has the directions for a toddler sized serving. REALLY good with a little butter, a touch of brown sugar and some whole milk. LOVE the pics of your little guy turning one and especially the paparazzi that showed up for your event 🙂

  7. Wow, it’s been a long time since I thought about this. I know Ava loved yogurt. Hummus and avocado come to mind. Pinto beans and chickpeas. Butternut squash soup. Apple sauce. That’s all I can think of right now. Oh, brown rice too.

  8. My one-yr old loves cooked squash, potatoes, avocado… I find that I can rotate what I mix with avo or banana (depending, if it’s savory or sweet) and rice cereal– adding in yogurt, cooked veggies, fresh fruit… He loves goat milk and goat yogurt, a lot easier to digest than cow, if it’s ever been an issue– Sometimes I can get him to eat some veggies by adding a little oil (olive or flax) and mashing them up a little– gives them more appeal. Red lentils are great too….

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