Day Lilies

Early this summer, we went through a difficult time of loss, and wanted to plant something to commemorate it with. After a trip to Bachman’s, we selected these day lilies. I loved their bright color (we didn’t have any flowers in front of our house), but more than that, I LOVED how they represent the concept of hope.

Even as the blossoms frequently wither, there is always the promise that new ones will appear.

Life is so often like that, isn’t it. We suffer loss, relationships wither, heartache happens. But with Christ, there is always the hope that tomorrow will hold something bright and beautiful. Something that may not take away the pain of our loss, but something that will, perhaps, help us see just a bigger piece of the picture — putting our pain in perspective just a little bit better — or at the very least will bring us a measure of comfort.

Our loss will always be just that — a loss. That experience will forever be imprinted on our hearts and minds and nothing will be able to replace what we lost.

But something bright and beautiful has been given to us, sooner than we expected. Something that is reminding us of the goodness and grace of God.

Even as I type, a new life, not much larger than a fig, is being fearfully and wonderfully knit within me. A life with a beating heart (which I heard last week!), wiggling limbs, and (yes, Juno) fingernails! A life that we eagerly anticipate meeting face to face come mid-April. I am roughly 11 1/2 weeks along.

The past several weeks have been filled with anxiety topped of with a good measure of nausea — but I accept it more eagerly than I would have before.

May we all remember that even in loss…heartache…pain of any kind …that something beautiful awaits. May we all have eyes to see all He has done and is doing for us. I pray that we will find hope, not in replacing what was lost or easing what is hurting, but in the promise given by the Author of all things bright and beautiful — the Lord God, who made them all.

Surely He remains our only hope!


4 responses to “Day Lilies

  1. Beautifully written, Nik :o) We celebrate with you! Praise God 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful post and I love the flowers — very sweet. I’m so excited for you guys. God is GOOD.

  3. Congratulations Nikki!! That’s such wonderful news. What a beautiful post too! God is good.

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