6 Random Things

1. I am totally into listening to the Boundless podcast, even though I don’t completely fit into the demographic it’s aimed at. 

2. Tonight I want to bake some potatoes, so I Googled “How to bake a potato” (yes, I needed to look it up. Leave me alone.) Much to my surprise, there is a website called — fittingly — howtobakeapotato.com!

3. I love, love, LOVE fall!

4. This afternoon I went through a brief scare, thinking that (due to insurance changes) I would need to switch from my midwife and hospital (who I LOOOOVE) midway through my pregnancy. I then found out I won’t need to after all. PHEW! Sometimes the relief of finding out you didn’t need to panic is worth the panic itself.

5. Tonight I get to meet my friend Aimee for coffee. Yay! 🙂

6. This morning I saw the headline in the newspaper about some Cadbury chocolate manufactured in China being tainted, and my first thought was not “Oh, I hope people aren’t getting sick”. No, it was a panicked “Will this affect the creme eggs?!!”


4 responses to “6 Random Things

  1. Did you say pregnancy… as in, you’re pregnant?? Well, if you are… CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! (So now I’m wondering, was this information proclaimed in an earlier post that I missed, or is this your first mention of the wonderful news?) I am very excited for you! When are you due?

    Sara 🙂

  2. Thanks Sara!

    I just announced it in the last post, “Day Lilies”. 🙂 I’m due April 15.

  3. I have one question. How did wives/mamas manage pre-google?

  4. What’s wrong with your mother that she never taught you how to bake a potato. This is an especially mortal sin since the baked potato is your mother’s favorite food.

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