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Happy Halloween!

We had a great day today. We started the day off with a Caribou date with my mom and sister (and technically my other sister, too, since she works there :)). I had my first pumpkin pie latte (decaf, of course), which I thoroughly enjoyed, while the little man did some damage to his blueberry muffin. We then went home and both enjoyed a lovely naptime. Well, technically I laid on the couch like a slug and watched the end of “Pride & Prejudice” (the Keira Knightley version) which I’d been working on while folding laundry for the past few days (this is my new trick for actually getting that horrid household task done — do it while watching a beloved movie). Today I didn’t fold any laundry because I wasn’t feeling very well at the time, and nothing can really cure what ails me like some Jane Austen. Hence the reason I laid there like a slug.


…after we were well-rested and well-fed, I transformed the boy into a very cute, blonde little Superman and we headed up to my grandma and aunt’s house to show off his costume and enjoy some good company, oatmeal raisin/chocolate chip cookies and juice. It was a lovely time! We completed our mini Halloween tour by stopping by the hubby’s classroom, where a Halloween party was in full swing. It was a bit of a chaotic scene, but fun nonetheless. M’s students sure love doting on our little guy! Very sweet.

We then came home (after a quick stop at my parents to borrow their camera — there’s nothing like missing your camera charger on Halloween!) and as soon as 6:00 hit, I proudly created and donned a tin-foil hat and earrings. Each Halloween, our local Chipotle (only a few blocks away!) gives away free burritos to any customers wearing any type of tin-foil attire. Upon learning of this deal, I quickly decided that this would be dinner tonight (a low-cost, prep-free dinner that the husband would LOVE? Um, OKAY!!!).  I took upon myself the task of heading to Chipotle to get the food — a free burrito for me and chicken tacos for the hubby (he’s not a burrito guy). Here is a picture of me all dressed up & ready to get my free mexican food:

Sadly, however, my tin-foil accessorizing was in vain. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot of the Chipotle, I noticed that the line extended well past the doors of the restaurant and down the sidewalk in front of the strip mall. So, knowing how hungry my husband was, and not wanting to spend my Halloween waiting in line for a burrito, I sadly threw in the towel and drove to the grocery story across the street where I picked up a delicious rotisserie chicken. And some skim milk, too, since we were out. Exciting, no?

After dinner, father and son went trick-or-treating. This was not an original part of the plan, but I’m so glad they went! I’m told that little boy really got into it (as expressed by letting out a delighted “growl” whenever anyone came to the door). They then returned home and we spent the next 20 minutes or so watching him run around our driveway excitedly — picking up leaves, waving “hi” to the jack-o-lantern, playing with the bags of candy in his pumpkin bucket — while we laughed and M caught some of the best video footage to date. I’ve never seen my son so hyper…so full of laughter. I found it difficult to believe that he had NOT consumed any sugar this evening!!!

After a quick and fun visit by Grandpa & Grandma D, we then went back into the house and put our little Superman to bed — he fell right to sleep. The flow of trick-or-treaters at our door slowly eased up, and after a group of 16 year old boys came to the door, and instead of “trick or treat” (or even “hi”) greeted me with “Can I have a Reese Stick?”, I decided it was time to blow out the jack-o-lantern, turn off the lights and call it a night (but don’t worry —  I did make him say “trick or treat” before he got his Reese Stick. It is my favorite candy, after all, and I wasn’t going to give my last one away to anyone unworthy!).

All in all, a fun and memorable day — hope yours was, too! Here is a slideshow that captured our evening. 

[rockyou id=125850295&w=426&h=319]

The Way We Found Out

It’s late and I’m having some trouble getting to sleep, so I thought I’d tell the story of how we found out I was pregnant this go-around. It’s a bit unusual.

On Sunday, August 3rd, I was feeling a little sad…a little melancholy…a little wistful, and for reasons I’m still not altogether sure of (I had no symptoms whatsoever), I remembered I had an extra home pregnancy test in the bathroom cupboard – and decided to take it.

Much to my surprise, it was positive.

My shock and delight, however, was quickly tempered as I realized that, for many reasons, it could have very well been a “false positive” result. Still…there was no way of knowing for sure, right at that moment, so I needed to tell my husband…

I have a history of sharing this type of news with my husband in, shall we say “not-so-special” ways (i.e. running into the kitchen and blurting out “I’m pregnant!”). I’d vowed that whenever the time came to share this news with him again, I would make it meaningful. So I ran over to the local Hallmark, grabbed a card, and presented it to him at dinner. It was definitely more special than blurting it out…but still, a card that says “I MIGHT be pregnant, but probably not” just doesn’t pack the same punch as having a more definitive announcement to share.

We decided that we would wait a week or two to see what unfolded before calling my doctor to schedule a blood test.

2 days later, I called the dr. to schedule a blood test.

2 days after that — on a Thursday afternoon — I went to the dr. for my blood test. My doctor is a very sweet woman, who knew I’d had a difficult month and assured me that she would try to get the results of my test before the weekend.

That evening, I went with my sister Katie and parents to First Ave (a music club located downtown) to see She and Him (To clarify, She and Him is a musical duo; not a pair of random pronouns I decided to throw into my post). The “She” in She and Him is Zooey Deschanel — better known as Jovie from Elf. The “Him” in She and Him is M. Ward, who apparently is a famous and accomplished musician in his own right, which I’m sure I would have known if I was up on all that is trendy in the grassroots music world. But I’m not, and had never heard of him before. Anyway, I like their music alot, so I was very excited to get to see them live! We got there early and staked out our spot on the floor in front of the stage (because, you know, we Dugans are real moshers). It was there that I decided to check my voice mail on my cell. There was one message, and it went something like this:

“Hi…this is Dr. _______________, and I’m just calling to let you know that…the results are back, and they’re 436….so that’s good…!”.

(Translation: 436 = pregnant. The dr. was trying as best she could to discreetly leave a message telling me I was pregnant!)

There I was, standing on the dance floor of a dark and loud music club, with my sister and parents, and I just found out I was pregnant.

Needless to say, this was not exactly the time nor the place I’d ever pictured receiving such news! I wanted to jump for joy, but for obvious reasons, had to contain my excitement. Still, I needed to figure out how to tell my husband the news! There really wasn’t a good corner to go call him from…and we were trying to save our spots on the floor…

And that is the story of how my husband learned of my pregnancy via text message.

The concert went on, and it was great. Here is a picture that was in the paper next day. We were standing somewhere in the yellow oval:

(side note: check out the lady playing bass. It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but she was WAY pregnant!)

After the concert, we went to Hard Rock for a bite to eat, and a funny thing happened. When the waitress came to take our drink orders, I quickly grabbed the menu, scanned it to no avail, and finally just ordered a raspberry lemonade. Then, just as soon as she’d walked away, I looked down at my menu. Much to my shock and horror, I realized I’d had it open to the cocktail page – and that the first cocktail on the menu was called “Raspberry Lemonade”! This put me in a pickle. Had she ordered me the cocktail, or just a regular old raspberry lemonade? To me, there was a BIG difference. Obviously, alcoholic beverages & I weren’t going to mix at that point! I casually mentioned to the others (while panicking inside) that I wasn’t sure if the beverage I’d ordered was non-alcoholic. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll know after the first sip,” my mom said. Um, that’s not going to fly, I thought. No sips for me! The waitress finally brought my drink, and I swallowed my pride and asked her if it was non-alcoholic. It WASN’T! Yikes! So I apologized, explained my error, and she took it away. I felt kind of bad…under other circumstances, I would have probably just kept it. But, then again, these were pretty good circumstances to be in, so I wasn’t about to complain. And I tried to be extra nice to the waitress the rest of the night. 🙂

So…that’s the story of how we found out we were expecting our little bean. Now it’s your turn. How did you find out your kids were on the way, and how did you share the news with your spouse?

p.s. to close, here’s a video of one of my favorite She and Him songs:

Still Here and a “Meme”

Sorry it’s been awhile since I”ve blogged. I’ve been busy chasing this:


That’s right, my son is now a full-fledged walker, and he’s EVERYWHERE! As you can see from the video, he’s taken over almost the entire main floor of our home (sans the kitchen), and, if it’s even possible, he’s taken over even more of our hearts than before. He’s in a very busy stage — but also a very FUN stage. He’s now saying a couple words (“Hi”, “bye”, and the occasional “mama” or “dada”) and has even begun to follow simple instructions (“Bring me your sippy cup”, “Get your paci”, etc.). My baby’s growing up!


It’s not often that I get picked for things (cue “pity party”), so as you can imagine I was thrilled to see that Rachel over at Badgers on the Loose selected me as a fellow blogger to participate in a “meme”. Now, before you ask me “But Nikki, what’s a ‘meme’?”, know that I don’t really know myself. 🙂 I’m not deep enough in the blogging world to know all the lingo. From what I can gather, though, it involves answering a question, then selecting and challenging other bloggers to answer the same question on their blog.

Here are the rules:

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all

5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them 


My first order of business is to follow Rachel’s lead by breaking rule #1. 🙂 I’m altering the question a bit to “Why do I blog and/or read blogs?”.

So…here goes…

1. I blog as an outlet. Long before blogs became “the thing”, I would often find myself with a story to tell, an anecdote to share, or a random thought I wanted to communicate…somewhere…not to anyone specific, really; just to “the void” as Meg Ryan calls it in You’ve Got Mail. Before blogging was around, there was no real, practical way to do this. Now that it’s around, I love being able to plop down and quickly type out the funny thing that happened to me in the bakery today, the great quote I just heard, or something that God’s teaching/showing me today as a mom.

2. I blog because sometimes it’s easier than talking. I’m naturally a pretty reserved person (well, usually). Verbal communication isn’t exactly my forte…it’s soooo much easier for me to type out what I’m thinking than to say it. I’m not saying this is a positive reason for blogging, and I definitely try to ensure that any blogging I do is not in substitution of real, live communication with friends and family — but honestly, that is an element of blogging that draws me to it, and I believe is OK, to a point, so long as I hold it in check.

3. I blog (and read blogs) to communicate with friends & family. I’ve always been a fan of Christmas form letters (yes, I’m wierd). A blog is sort of like a year-round Christmas form letter. I can share tidbits of information, both exciting and minute, that someone might be interested in knowing about our family. Likewise, I can keep up with the goings-on of other people I care about — again, not to replace real, live communication — but perhaps to supplement or enhance it. It often provides great springboards for conversation when I do interact with these people in person!

4. I blog (and read blogs) for the community of moms/other women. This was an unexpected surprise of blogging. The stage of motherhood I’m in is one in which I am at home a lot — little boy still takes lots of naps and is still too little to go many places. It’s also a stage where I have tons of questions and uncertainties about being a mom. I love reading about the funny things that have happened to other women, cute things their kids have said, lessons God has been teaching them, and the like. And I love the fact that I can pose a question on my blog (such as “what should I be feeding my 1 year old?”), knowing that I will get a great variety of answers and, no doubt, some ideas.

5. I read blogs because it’s FUN! I blog because it’s fun, too…but I’m MUCH more of a blog reader than I blog-typer. Seriously. You saw the video at the top of this post…I don’t have much time to plop down and type a blog these days! I don’t think I will ever be one of those women that’s super deep into blogging…prepping a post every day. But if I have 2 minutes I can open my google reader and catch up on whatever blogs I want to catch up on (and save whatever I want to catch up on later for later). Seriously, the google reader is a wonderful invention. But I digress.

OK! There, I did it. Now I need to pick 5 people to answer this question, too! Trouble is, I don’t know if 5 people read this blog. Ummmm…Cari, Michelle, Mom, Kim, and…oh, I don’t know…anyone else who wants to do it. 🙂 Just post a comment in the comment section here if you choose to answer this “meme”!

Afternoon Fun With the Little Guy

OK, so this mommy thing is getting more fun by the minute. Little W is keeping me busy these days Frankenstein-walkin’, kind of talkin’ and just generally injecting lots of entertainment and joy into my everyday life.

One of his new tricks that daddy taught him is “the lion”. It normally involves him holding up his little “paws” as if ready to pounce, while making a growling sound. The other day when I asked him to do “the lion”, he decided to leave the paw part out. The growling alone, however, seemed pretty funny to me…here’s the video (and keep in mind he recently discovered this sound and makes it alot. Like, a LOT. Like, even louder and longer, in the middle of, say, Target :)).


After we practiced our lion growl, we decided to try on his Halloween costumes. Thanks to the generosity of some friends, we have not one but TWO costumes to choose from for this Halloween: Superman or the Cow.

Here’s how he looked as Superman:

…and here’s what happened when we tried part of the cow costume on:


I’ll let you decide which costume won. 🙂