Afternoon Fun With the Little Guy

OK, so this mommy thing is getting more fun by the minute. Little W is keeping me busy these days Frankenstein-walkin’, kind of talkin’ and just generally injecting lots of entertainment and joy into my everyday life.

One of his new tricks that daddy taught him is “the lion”. It normally involves him holding up his little “paws” as if ready to pounce, while making a growling sound. The other day when I asked him to do “the lion”, he decided to leave the paw part out. The growling alone, however, seemed pretty funny to me…here’s the video (and keep in mind he recently discovered this sound and makes it alot. Like, a LOT. Like, even louder and longer, in the middle of, say, Target :)).


After we practiced our lion growl, we decided to try on his Halloween costumes. Thanks to the generosity of some friends, we have not one but TWO costumes to choose from for this Halloween: Superman or the Cow.

Here’s how he looked as Superman:

…and here’s what happened when we tried part of the cow costume on:


I’ll let you decide which costume won. 🙂


4 responses to “Afternoon Fun With the Little Guy

  1. Too cute! Dress him as a cow and take him to Target to act like a lion ………. 😉

    I love the Superman costume. You and Mark can maybe make a ‘P’ and attach it to yourselves and be self-proclaimed “Superparents”! 🙂 🙂

    Will’s so CUTE!

  2. With a delicious giggle like that, the cow wins hands down!

  3. Thanks for your posting! Really beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  4. He is so sweet. He looks like a little superman. I vote superman.

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