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How Could I Ask for More?

One of my favorite songs…enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!


A Poem

One day in November 

A husband and wife

Went to a clinic

to see their new life

Tucked in the wife’s belly

There lived their small bean,

Who they couldn’t wait

To see on the screen

The wife was not comfy,

She’d drunk lots of water

So she’d get a good glimpse

Of their son or their daughter

When they got to the clinic

They went to a room

Where they lathered her belly

With warm slimy goo

Smack on her tummy

They put the device

The screen lit right up,

They thought it was nice.

For there in full motion,

They saw their wee one

Moving and twirling —

Their daughter or son


Perfect and lovely,

Beautifully formed

A miracle 

In this big world full of storms.

And though they did not

Want to find out later,

They had the girl write

The sex on a paper.

Once they were assured

Of babe’s health and it’s hope,

The techie gave them

A pink envelope

Pink did not mean much,

It was just the hue

But the note sealed inside

Contained what was true

For inside the envelope

She’d placed a small note

Revealing the gender

Of the child they did tote

They grabbed their warm coats 

And they rushed out the door

For they could not wait 

For what was in store

They drove to a place

Where they could sit and could pray

And open the note

That would change their whole day

The husband was certain

That it was a boy,

The wife was hormonal

And let’s just say “coy”.

A mom of a girl

She’d so longed to be,

Though boy #2 would be fun,

She’d agree.

With anticipation 

They sat on a bench

(What else rhymes with “bench”

Besides “wench” or, worse, “stench”?)

Through trembles and tears

They opened the note

And smiled when they saw

What had been wrote* (*hey, it rhymes)

For the words of that note

Hit them like a twister:

Their little boy Will

Would soon have a SISTER!!!

“School Picture”


Life Lesson 294738: A Look Back At 1986

Here are some things that happened in 1986:

  • Ronald Reagan was president
  • The space shuttle “Challenger” exploded moments after take-off
  • The Chicago Bears won SuperBowl XX
  • A major nuclear disaster occured at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union
  • “Top Gun” was the top-grossing film
  • ALF premiered
  • Our dishwasher was manufactured

Some Things I Learned In 2008:

  • Our dishwasher was manufactured in 1986

That’s right, when our lovely black dishwasher was made I was 7 years old and just entering 2nd grade. Our dishwasher is older than my college-aged sister and was created a year before the Twins won the world series for the first time.

And the LIFE LESSON is:

Never assume that just because your kitchen was remodeled 5-6 years earlier by the previous owners that all the appliances were replaced at that time, no matter how “new” they look. Otherwise, one day you may notice that your dishwasher is no longer washing dishes, so you crack out the owners manual to try to troubleshoot (thanking your lucky stars that they saved it for you) only to discover the copyright date on the manual is 1986. And thus…time for a new dishwasher.

Oh, and it just happens to be while you are in the midst of a major remodel in your basement.

Not that that happened today or anything. It’s just a lesson to keep in mind. I’m just sayin’. 🙂


Ever Had a “What Did I Just Say?” Moment?

The following is a transcript of the conversation between myself and the teenage grocery-bagger at Lund’s as he was wheeling my groceries out to my car this evening:

Lund’s Kid: How are you tonight?

Me: Fine, thanks. It’s cold!

Lund’s Kid: Yeah. I see it’s starting to snow.

Me (suddenly absentminded): Yeah, finally!

Lund’s Kid (sounding confused): Er, um, I was thinking it’s actually a bit early for snow for my taste…

Me (thinking): Did I just say “finally?!” Where did THAT come from?!

I don’t remember how the conversation ended. I do know I tried to salvage my comment, saying something like “Well, um, after all the ice today it’s nice to finally see some snow…”, which only made matters worse.I think I made a couple of different attempts like that, which really dug the hole deeper.  

The kid never said another word. He quickly loaded the groceries in my trunk and then wheeled his cart away, with nary a “have a good night”. It was as if he knew I wasn’t quite right in the head and wanted to get away as quickly as possible.

I can’t really blame him. I think pregnancy brain is setting in.

Anyway, surely I can’t be the only one to have had a “What Did I Just Say?” moment. What’s yours?

Pink or Blue?

Our big ultrasound is coming up 2 weeks from today, and as self-centered as this is, I’m curious to see if anyone else has a guess as to what the gender of our new wee one is. I have my suspicions, but I’ll save them so as not to sway you one way or the other.

You have until November 24.

Winners will receive…the satisfaction of knowing they guessed correctly.