A Poem

One day in November 

A husband and wife

Went to a clinic

to see their new life

Tucked in the wife’s belly

There lived their small bean,

Who they couldn’t wait

To see on the screen

The wife was not comfy,

She’d drunk lots of water

So she’d get a good glimpse

Of their son or their daughter

When they got to the clinic

They went to a room

Where they lathered her belly

With warm slimy goo

Smack on her tummy

They put the device

The screen lit right up,

They thought it was nice.

For there in full motion,

They saw their wee one

Moving and twirling —

Their daughter or son


Perfect and lovely,

Beautifully formed

A miracle 

In this big world full of storms.

And though they did not

Want to find out later,

They had the girl write

The sex on a paper.

Once they were assured

Of babe’s health and it’s hope,

The techie gave them

A pink envelope

Pink did not mean much,

It was just the hue

But the note sealed inside

Contained what was true

For inside the envelope

She’d placed a small note

Revealing the gender

Of the child they did tote

They grabbed their warm coats 

And they rushed out the door

For they could not wait 

For what was in store

They drove to a place

Where they could sit and could pray

And open the note

That would change their whole day

The husband was certain

That it was a boy,

The wife was hormonal

And let’s just say “coy”.

A mom of a girl

She’d so longed to be,

Though boy #2 would be fun,

She’d agree.

With anticipation 

They sat on a bench

(What else rhymes with “bench”

Besides “wench” or, worse, “stench”?)

Through trembles and tears

They opened the note

And smiled when they saw

What had been wrote* (*hey, it rhymes)

For the words of that note

Hit them like a twister:

Their little boy Will

Would soon have a SISTER!!!


7 responses to “A Poem

  1. That’s awesome, congrats Nikki!

  2. Is it weird that that made me cry??

  3. Congrats!

  4. YAY!!!! a girl! congrats! the perfect lil family….i want ONE!!!! (a girl i mean, i have the perfect family thing down…ha!) But i must remember…do NOT drink the water! Pregnancy: the most contagious, well ummm, “thing” ever!?!

    Hope it’s a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  5. Hey, Nikki, so glad it’s a girl. Congrats! I have three girls and think they are all unique and lots of fun.

  6. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it! Yay for Will’s little sister — and for little sister to have a big Will! 🙂

  7. I love it! You are so creative. 🙂 Oh, and congratulations on finding out God is sending a little GIRL for you to love, enjoy, and raise for His glory! Yay!!!

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