New Post Coming Soon…Until Then, a Question…

The holidays. A remodeling project in our home. Snowy weather. Baby girl on the way. A boy who is delighting in his first “memorable Christmas” (and somehow able to overcome all obstacles placed between him and the Christmas tree). My anticipation of the Christmas season this year and determination to savor it. There is so much to blog about…but no time today! I’ve got a Christmas preschool party to plan, Christmas shopping to do tomorrow, and various other household tasks to accomplish (while trying to keep said child from the Christmas tree — unsupervised, that is — I’m no grinch :)). Until I’m able to post again, I will pose a question to you all, simply because I’m curious: what kind of Christmas shopper are you? Please use the poll to answer, but please also be sure to leave a comment to elaborate. Otherwise it’s just a plain old poll, and that’s no fun.


2 responses to “New Post Coming Soon…Until Then, a Question…

  1. Though this is something that goes against every fiber of my personality and shopping/retail tendencies I absolutely love the Christmas shopping season. For whatever reason I love to go chat up the employees, see all the ridiculously overdone decorations at the mall and sing Christmas carols just under my breath while doing it all.

  2. On our trip just last week Pat & I stopped at a turist place just to browse. The saleman followed us all over the store!! It was so annoying and made us feel like he didn’t trust us. It made us want to leave the store and Pat said, “I won’t buy at a place like this.” As we were leaving–empty-handed–the sales clerk offered us his business card. Go figure!

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