A Major Award!

In the words of the dad from A Christmas Story, I have just won a major award!

2, actually!

No worries, though, honey –no leg lamps will be gracing our bay window this holiday season. Instead, I — or the children, rather — will be the proud owners of this bear from Stuffington Bear company:


and a this Tutu from Lil Diva Designs:


You see, a few days ago I entered a photo caption contest on MCK Mama‘s blog. I’ve never entered one of her contests before, but I couldn’t resist the prizes.I mean, an adorable bear for our little boy, and a tutu for our upcoming little girl…hard to beat. Here was the photo that needed captioning:


My caption:
Cindy Loo Who is back. And she’s ticked.

Somehow, I won…and just got emails from both companies that my prizes are on the way. Woot-woot!

Pardon my gloating. It’s just that I won a major award!

I wonder if the boxes will be marked “Fragile”…

(never seen “A Christmas Story”? Then nevermind…and do yourself a favor and go watch it right now. Go. :))


2 responses to “A Major Award!

  1. This is your second major award. Remember, you won the Easter coloring contest at the Superamerica when you were 8 or so?!

    Good, job. Way to go!

    I love the caption. Can’t wait to see little Lily-pie in the tutu!


  2. Fragile. It must be Italian.


    And I use Picasa 3, I used to have another Picasa (Picasa 1 ? Picasa 2?) but then there was a recent upgrade I did, and it includes even more lovely collage options!

    And Picasa is free.

    Is it snowing on your blog? Or do my eyes have a serious case of floaters?

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