Extreme Room Makeover

One thing that’s had us occupied over the past several weeks has been our little “remodeling” project in our basement. Up until now, our 3rd bedroom upstairs has been occupied as “the office” — however, with the next little one on the way, we decided that we’d like to keep the nursery as “the nursery” and move W to his own bedroom — which meant that “the office” needed to find a new home. So…the pink room needed to be changed. 

“What is the pink room?”, you may ask? 

The pink room was a small, basically unfinished room in our basement that housed our pantry, treadmill, my scrapbooking massive, unorganized pile work area, and lots and lots and lots of junk storage.

Oh yes, and it was pink. Very, very pink.

We decided that we’d like to keep the treadmill and my scrapbooking area in that room, while adding all of M’s stuff from the upstairs office (which he used for video editing and other such lore) as well as my music/recording stuff. So, essentially, our goal was to transform the pink room into an office/recording studio/music center/scrapbooking area/gym.  

I like to call it “the creative suite”. And gym.

Here is a “before” shot taken from our family room…you can see a bit of the pink room to the right. To the left, you will see what was formerly and affectionately known as “my music corner”, where I kept all my music stuff. This area is key in our remodel because it actually ended up becoming a part of our new creative suite:



Here is another before shot of the interior of the pink room, after we tore away the pegboard from underneath/around the window:


As you can see, the removal of the pegboard revealed something that helped me better understand the previous homeowner’s decision to paint the room pink. Check out this lovely shade of brown that it was before:


Pink is pretty bad, but I’d have to say that pukey brown combined with mustardy yellow to create a faux brick look is much, much worse!

Anyway, here’s a shot after they tore down the wall to my music corner:


…and another shot after they had dry walled it and installed the lighting:


And, a few steps later…the finished project!!!



There are still a few more things we’d like to add…particularly to the far end of the room (along the wall where my keyboard/guitar are). We need to add a desk and some shelving to create my scrapbooking/music space (we are dreaming of Elfa shelving). I’d also like to add some more artistic elements (I’m thinking red accents). But, for the most part, the room is done…and we are loving it!


2 responses to “Extreme Room Makeover

  1. Loved the snow falling and congrats on a great transformation in your new office!

  2. WOW — Looks awesome! 🙂

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