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Samantha Rose

She’s here! Samantha Rose made an early entrance on Sunday March 29  at 3:26 am! She arrived weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz, at 19.5 inches long and with a full head of black hair. It was a looooong labor, but overwhelmingly worth it! We are all home now settling in and loving life with our new, pink little bundle of joy! God is so good. 🙂




Welcome to the crayon box…


…prepare yourself for cheesy crayon analogies aplenty!

p.s. thanks to Jennifer for the title suggestion!

Life Lesson 2635: “On Gift Baskets & Leotards” -or- “Retail Employees are Not All-Knowing!”

This morning I went into the UPS store to send out a package. As I was standing at the counter filling out the form, a woman walked in and asked the clerk if they carried the plastic/cellophane bags that you would put a gift basket in. 

When the clerk told her that they didn’t carry such bags, the woman became visibly frustrated and asked the clerk where she would be able to find such a thing. 

(Reminder: this was at the UPS store — a tiny little place where you can send packages, make copies and maybe have a small spiral bound book prepared. No gift wrap or gift basket accessories in sight.)

The poor clerk fumbled and mumbled around a bit, trying to figure out an answer to give the antsy woman until I stepped in and suggested she try a party store (to which she seemed surprised to hear, which was rather surprising in itself!).

As a former retail employee, it’s always funny to me when people seem to assume (and sometimes demand) that you’re in on where anything and everything is sold, no matter how different it is from the types of products your store carries. It’s like they expect you to be a bottomless wellspring of information  or something. 

It reminded me of the time when I worked at a local Christian bookstore and a woman walked in, directly to my counter, and asked me if we carried leotards.


(“Yes ma’am, you’ll find those right between the Veggietale DVDs and the John Macarthur commentaries.”)

Actually, I told her we didn’t carry them. She then asked if I knew where she could find one.

I seem to remember cracking out the Yellow pages for her.

Anyone else have some funny retail stories?


• I haven’t blogged here in a long time. It hasn’t been because I haven’t wanted to or haven’t had anything to write about…it just hasn’t happened! I’m moving around alot slower these days, which means it takes much longer to do the most basic of things, which means that things like “blogging” get dropped to the bottom of the list. And then they don’t happen. And that’s OK.

• I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant — which is officially considered “full term” — which means that I could technically have this baby at anytime. And I certainly feel like I will have this baby at anytime. And the midwives wouldn’t be shocked if I did have this baby anytime, as things have already started “progressing”. Now watch — I will be two weeks overdue. I hope not — I am SO excited to meet this baby girl!

•This pregnancy has gone by with ridiculous speed! If you told me that it was just last month when I was at the She & Him concert getting that fateful phone message from my dr. telling me I was pregnant, I would probably believe you — even though it was last August.

• In many ways this pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with W; in many ways, different. I was a bit sicker on the front end of this one, and have definitely been MUCH more uncomfortable over the past few weeks. Waddling has become my normal stride.

• For some reason I’ve been craving baby carrots over the last few weeks. Seriously. There has not been a time when a baby carrot does NOT sound exceptionally delicious to me.

• I turned 30 since I last blogged. My wonderful hubby surprised me with a family trip to the Children’s Museum, followed by a luxurious overnight at the Sofitel. It was fantastic! We ate dinner at Salut, breakfast at the Sofitel restaurant, sat and read books in the big, poofy, comfy bed, watched “Fireproof”, and just rested. It was a lovely time of relaxation and pampering for my pregnant self! I also made a point of calling my hubby from the bathroom telephone, because there was a bathroom telephone. Right next to the toilet. Still can’t figure out why there would be a phone there. Anyway, even though he was in the next room he didn’t recognize the number, so he didn’t answer. And then for some reason the call was transferred to the front desk, so Mark got this message on his phone of the person at the front desk saying “Hello? Hello?”. And then it cost us like $2. But it was still kind of cool. 🙂

• It’s recently occured to me that having this baby will involve going into LABOR. Oh yeah. So excited to meet our sweet girl, but SO nervous about the labor part! I can’t decide if it’s more nervewracking to head into labor when you KNOW what it feels like (like I will now) or when you are completely oblivious (like I was the first time around). Things with W went so well, that I can only see them being worse this time around! Still, we are fully trusting and praying for a safe, healthy delivery for all of us. So I will rest in that. And I will practice my breathing.

• Our hospital bags are packed and sitting by the door. So surreal!

• When I look around the house these days, the word that comes to mind is “halfway”. Everything seems “halfway done”. The laundry gets started but not finished…same with the dishes…the toys on the floor…etc. I’m too wiped out during the day to conquer it all. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who comes home from longs days at work only to help keep up with things around here. Really, he’s the best.

• W has been moved to a crib in his new, rocket-themed room, and his old nursery has been transformed into baby girl-land. The closet is filled with Dreft-washed baby girl clothes, tbe walls are now a light shade of green, and a light pink valance graces the window. It’s a little bizarre to stand in between the rooms, looking back and forth, realizing that each room contains a crib and a changing table — for the TWO children who will need them soon!

• W is an absolute joy, by the way. I’m not sure how we were blessed with such a sweet little boy! His vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds and his giggles are contagious. He is either going to be an artist (he is OBSESSED with coloring) or an engineer (he is also obsessed with anything that goes “round and round”…wheels, those spinning vents on roofs, anything round….). His favorite things these days include coloring, stars, dancing, grandpas, and “round-a-rounds” (as previously mentioned). He also is good at giving hugs — including hugs for “bee-bee”.Oh, and he’s also become adept at pointing out any and every mess that he notices by pointing to it and saying “May-mess” (translation: “Made a mess”). From the juice that drips out from his sippy cup to the dishes I have left on the counter, this phrase has been used many-a-time to ensure that we are aware of that which needs to be cleaned up! 🙂

• I am loving American Idol this season. Isn’t it the best? My favorites are Danny, Allison and Matt…and I really like Kris, too.

• I am also watching Survivor this season, but I’m pretty sure that M & I are the only “survivors” still watching “Survivor”. It really is a dumb, contrived show…yet somehow it pulls us in.

• I want to watch “Lost”, but I’m still too scared.

• I have not forgotten about the whole “Bookworm Wednesday” thing — except I am going to change it to “Bookworm Challenge”. That way I can post about it on any day of the week I want. In fact, consider this a “bookworm challenge” post. Unfortunately, I haven’t completed any books since I last wrote. Yeah, I’m thinking the “50 books in one year” goal was a little ambitious. Oh well…I’m still going to plug along and see how far I get. Right now I’m working on “New Moon”, “Don’t Waste Your Life”, and am just starting “Love and Respect”. What about you? What have you been reading?

• My little sister left on Tuesday for 2 1/2 months in England. I am so excited for her, and so sad that she’s gone! Mostly excited for her, though. 🙂 Today she toured London (Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, not sure what else…) and then traveled down to Oxford. She will spend the next couple of weeks touring various locales in England, Scotland and Ireland, followed by 2 months as a student at Capernwray Hall in England. She will be living in a castle in the English countryside. *sigh*. 🙂

• Finally, I am looking for a new name for this blog, and would like to recruit your help.

I’m toying with the idea of changing the title to something that fits a bit better with the picture on the header…something to do with coloring, crayons, art, etc….something that captures the concepts of living a full & vibrant life…making the most of every opportunity (ala Ephesians 4)…enjoying the fun of being a wife & mom…etc. Does anyone have any bright & creative ideas? Jot ’em down in a comment!

OK, enough rambling randomness. Have a WONDERFUL day!

Now I’m going to go raid the fridge for some baby carrots. Really.